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  • White "extras" paper request

    Hi to all members!
    I wanna ask, is there a way to request Audi Database (or something), to give me info for my car from VIN ?
    I drive an 1990 Coupe Quattro, but we all know the water problems in the trunk area, and my white paper (sticker) is totaly damaged.
    I post internet example of "white code list", or as i called it "white paper".

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    Dont you habe the service manual for your car? If you do, the same info is on the first pages there.
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      Paul's old S2central site should help. A mirror is setup on that has details on the option codes.
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        fish No i dont have any service papers.
        Greg_S I know about codes , but my question is - Is there a way to request from Audi (by VIN number) to make me duplicate - because my etiquette is rotten.


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          I highly doubt Audi themselves would offer this. The build stickers are created on the line during production. Hard to imagine you can get these.


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            Might these have the info required?, may be worth an e-mail to Tradition to see exactly what info is included in the packages for your model.
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              You will need to register and pay a fee for a 1 hour subscription. It’s been a while since I did it but you need to go to ‘vehicle specific information’ and put in your VIN. You can then get a PDF version of your build codes. My experience is the older your car the less likely they will have a description for those codes but the codes should still be shown and you can use a free online decoder to get the descriptions. You can also download factory repair manuals and other useful stuff while your subscription is active. I’ve used it several times. Be sure to read the system requirements carefully because from memory you need to use the Microsoft web browser (or at least did in the past) to access the repair information.

              I’ll attach page one of six from my RS2 so you have an idea what the info should look like. Hope that helps.

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