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VW Corrado fuel issue

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  • VW Corrado fuel issue

    Hi, anyone know much about corrado's? Son is looking at one and there is a possible fuel problem at WOT where the car stutters, possibly from fuel starvation or a related symptom. Apparently its fine in normal driving and the car had a new pump about 9mths ago but seems to be a recurrent issue. Its a 1990 1.8 16v...

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    I believe this is the same engine as Mk2 Golf 16v which I had back in the day. It could be a number of things as these have a bit of a reputation as they age. I would replace the fuel filter as first port of call. Then you have lift pump to check plus a few other things. Best pop over to the Gti forum for more info
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      A good set up with Co and timing will most likely sort it. I never see any of these anymore..


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        It’s a KR lump, I’d argue 90 percent of running issues with these are down to weak mix and ignition timing being out. 30 mins with someone who knows what they are doing a gas tester and a strobe and you’ll be good. Also really worth checking the toothed crank pulley , they had a habit of cracking and throwing timing all over the shop.


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          Mokey's covered just about everything, they do suffer from crack bottom pulley's, think it's the same crappy part as found on I5's though not 100% sure on this. Do check the cambelt timing along with his other suggestions.
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            Oh and only strobe it in the flywheel the vibration damper is not a reliable datum.