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  • Sunderland Audi Garage

    Thought I would share a few photos of some decent cars in an Audi showroom for a change!!!! Thanks Andy (s2tornado) for the heads up on Saturday!! Some special cars a UR Quattro (stunning), Le Mans Race Car (truly amazing), NSU Ro 80 (condition was amazing) and a very special Audi R8 GT Spyder. I will let the photos do the talking
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    The UR Quattro
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      Awesome cars. I went back up on the sunday. Took some pics i'll try and upload from my camera when i get time.
      The UR was just as clean inside. All the interior and trim looked new. If i had a screwdriver i'd have had the quadlamps away!!!

      I stood at the Le Mans so long the cleaning woman asked if it was ok to brush around me!!!


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        Hilarious Andy They were special cars indeed, despite the Le Mans car being extra special I was drawn to the UR all the time, the character in these special cars you just can't get from modern stuff


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          the LMP1 car is gorgeous....probably the best looking one they produced and brutallly fast...seeing that go through Becketts or Copse at Silverstone is just unreal the amount of commitment you can put in and know it will stick....oh and overtake or undertake as needed to pass a slower car....crazy!

          Will miss them at Le Mans next month....such a shame they departed. Always a soft spot for the ur though...oh to have one on my drive

          1992 3b S2 Coupe