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The 'Sled' 2.8 V6 Cabby

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    Yep, simple as cutting it and using a file to smooth it out - don't remove the sampling tube or the 'step' in the housing, these apparently are vital to airflow

    From what I have read, what happens is the MAF will obviously flow better, but as the whole thing has been calibrated from factory when they develop the car, the mod may skew the air mass readings slightly. You are relying on the fuel adaptives in the ECU to find this error and correct it, and for the most part it does. Depending on your system you may get a lean code on one or both banks (I had it on one). This is bad, as the code causes the vehicle to revert to default fuelling tables, which will not deliver quite the correct mixture (in reality you probably won't notice in day-to-day driving) There are a few ways around it, and the main one documented on the audiworld forums is to put an o-ring into the sampling tube, I believe this reduces the diameter, increasing velocity in the sampling tube, thus tricking the MAF into thinking there is more air going in. Another way is to bump fuel pressure up slightly to increase the fuel delivered for a given injector pulse so the mixture starts off closer to ideal.


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      I'm very impressed with the leather DIY job results. Would you share the list of necessary materials/components?


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        Been asked about the heated seat wiring - here's a rundown on how to fit the loom:

        Blue/Yellow, Blue/White = Driver side heated seat pads (wire to the seats)
        Black/Yellow, Black/White = Passenger side heated seat pads (wire to the seats)
        Brown = Earth (should be one coming from each switch, joined together), officially this earths under the steering wheel, but find a good solid earth somewhere
        Black/Blue = 12V Ignition (should again be one coming from each switch, joined together)

        And now for the hardest bit:

        Red/White = 12V Permanent live via connector G in the Central Electrical Panel (CEP) - this is a red connector, pin G30c, and through fuse 3 (30A) which is shared with the horn. Hopefully the wiring you got comes with a red connector on it, or at least a pin to go in this connector. Lift out the CEP by opening the fusebox and pushing the clips sideways on the left and right (makes more sense when you get there - the CEP is explained in this:

        When the panel is up and out a bit, wiggle off the existing red connector along with the brown connector which is next to it (they are attached together and you cant disconnect one without the other) - warning this will disconnect the radio so make sure you have a code if you need it. Open up the connector with a small screwdriver and pull out the plastic pin retaining bit, which should allow you to feed your wire into the correct pin hole. If it's not damaged or bent it will click into place. Close up the connector and plug in. Test with ignition on, then job done!

        For the seat refurb, I bought the kit from furniture clinic:

        This has everything you need to do a full re-dye (and colour change) - dye, topcoats, leather prep, cleaner and even a compressed air can airbrush (but I have one of my own so I used mine)

        The method was inspired by this post: by Fast28 on audifans - I believe he's on here too (his cabby is the inspiration for what I'm trying to get to on mine - I kick myself everyday for not buying his when it came up for sale)


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          Thanks for sharing your research.I am ok for the heated seats but great info all the same and might come in handy one day for me.I am amazed at what can be achieved with these leather dye kits and how well they restore an interior to like new. Great post!!
          96 URS6 plus speck saloon
          96 URS6 plus speck estate
          94 2.6 80 Avant
          99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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            Thanks for the seat info - helpful for me mate, I'll be tackling that next weekend.

            Furniture clinic stuff is really good, have a few products myself from there, but also had my Cream S2 seats referred by the Furniture Clinic in Leighton Buzzard a few years ago, the guy there did a fantastic job


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              Hi any updates on your cab , just re-read this thread & as ive mentioned before great workmanship in all areas , the seat refurb has inspired me to give the s6 seats a go
              Cab 2.3E


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                You know what? I'd almost forgotten this thread!

                Not too much going on to write about - enjoying the cabby for the summer, fixing some minor issues (trans mounts, boot loom etc.) and working on some big projects in the background...


                I'm building a set of heads for this car with a mild port/polish, 1mm oversize valves and (hopefully if I can find them) some 288 cams - starting with the head casting and doing the work slowly in the house.

                The heads on this motor are pretty much identical to the 8v golf - the combustion chambers are the same, the cam and lifter design is the same etc. so my guess is that you can take some of the head porting knowledge from the golf world and apply it fairly effectively - although only the final product will tell!

                Some of the gains I am hoping for aren't only in power/torque - I'm looking for a reduction in blowby oil and possibly rotating mass (but may have to abandon that based on parts availability!)

                Bits from the US

                Polished combustion chambers

                The other big project comes from my messing around with brakes - I found a set of BMW brembos, Ford Focus RS disks (machined center and bolt holes) and had a carrier made and got them to fit but the wheels didn't fit over the top and fouled on the inner face...

                Thinking about new wheels and spacers and tyres led me to the perfect conclusion...... I need air ride in my life

                So I'm now fitting the tank and plumbing up the boot! Ha!

                Too many projects!


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                  Great to see this thread revived and loving the head work your doing.
                  Do you know if the 2.6 and 2.8 heads are the same?
                  96 URS6 plus speck saloon
                  96 URS6 plus speck estate
                  94 2.6 80 Avant
                  99 2.8 final edition Cabriolet


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                    Pretty sure they are very similar if not identical - the 2.6 and 2.8 are both very similar motors...

                    What's more amazing is that this 2v/cylinder combustion chamber design is everywhere!

                    Google shows:
                    8v I4 VW:

                    10v I5 Audi

                    Obviously the 12v V6 is the least modified of the lot! But I'm sure the principles people are applying to the 8v and 10v should apply to our 12v...Just it's near impossible to find a set of cams!


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                      Any more updates on this buddy ?
                      S2 Cabriolet.........


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                        Slowly plodding along with this really... Air system is half in, tank, pumps and system running and leak free! waiting on the bags to arrive, then it's time to go low!

                        Heads are coming along slowly...


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                          As always I've been awful updating...

                          The cabby is still going strong, it's now on air ride, with the BMW brembo upgrade complete + braided hoses all around. Wheels have changed to a set of concave JR wheels which I think looks surprisingly good on this car, despite them being more of a Japanese / tuner wheel.
                          PXL_20210623_170529182 - Copy.jpg

                          Lots of engine bay related messing around has happened also. PAS is now converted to EPAS (Zafira pump) and the battery has been relocated to the boot to avoid long wiring runs to the air pumps which were getting a bit warm! Also some maintenance like timing belt, water pump which had started to leak and a strange steering bracket failure.
                          PXL_20201230_140152345 - Copy.jpg

                          Interior had another full going over, this time including the black leather and it's looking lush!
                          PXL_20210524_175711761 - Copy.jpg
                          PXL_20210524_175718098 - Copy.jpg

                          The eagle eyed of you may also notice that the HVAC has now been converted to climate control from a 99 A4, although I haven't got around to fitting the air conditioning, so the evaporator is just blanked. The CCU moves the heated seat controls down also, and long term I would like to depopulate the switches and swap out the single DIN headunit for a double DIN screen. I've got loads of wiring information on the later CCU which could be useful if anyone is interested - maybe one to post to the climate conversion thread.

                          IMG_20200510_150143 - Copy.jpg
                          IMG_20200525_183251 - Copy.jpg
                          PXL_20201220_145721125 - Copy.jpg

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                            Great to see this is still going strong
                            S2 Cabriolet.........