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Rocker Cover painting and fitting new seals

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  • Rocker Cover painting and fitting new seals

    After purchasing the rocker cover seals 3 years ago it time for me to do the job.

    Looking at the condition of the covers they look bad. Any ideas on how to refurbish the covers and the paint to use.

    I was just thinking of stripping them back to the metal and spray them with a good etching primer and a good car paint and clear coat.

    I would like to paint them the original colour.
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    I'd definitely get it blasted first, if you're using grit make sure the inside is 100% clean before re-fitting. Soda blasting is best as you just rinse the media away with water. As for paint I've had great results using this:-

    Just done my water manifold with the aluminium paint and it looks great

    image_85058.jpg Water manifold 2.jpg

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    1991 Audi S2 3B - 2.5 Stroker engine
    1997 A6 2.5TDi quattro avant - C4
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      I plan on using the following.

      1st Duplicolor Seld Etching Primer
      Dupli-Color® Self-Etching Primer etches and primes bare metal in one step, making it ideal to use as the first step in all automotive priming projects and for use on spot repairs. A high-quality formulation allows for maximum adhesion under all types of automotive finishes on plastics, fiberglass, bare steel, aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.

      2nd Duplicolor Engine Enamel Aluminium
      Resists temperatures up to 1200 degrees F, intermittently
      Durable ceramic formulation
      Tough cured finish resists oil, gas grease, rust, salt, humidity, and solvents
      EZ Touch® Nozzle
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        Starting to strip the passenger side off today.

        Stress stress stress. Hope the inside is ok.


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          Progress and problems of cover for cylinders 5 - 8

          As you look at the engine the right side cover is now off and there are two securing bolts that cause me pain and spilt blood. As you look at the cover its the rear right corner and rear right side bolts that are a pain to get to. When refitting I doubt I will be able to retorque them.

          Now for the gasket I still have the alloy covers (Part number of the cover I took off is 079 103 475 R) which is still good although it will need repainting. The gasket I removed is part number 079 103 483 G. The gasket the Audi agent supplied is part number 079 103 483 L it has the right hole fitting but the sealing web is much smaller and the diameter of the seal around the bolt holes is a lot smaller. I have asked Audi to advise the correct gasket for the alloy cover.

          I have also requested the securing bolt seals. The complete bolt that comes with a seal they tell me is part number 03G128773A. They are at present saying the seals are not sold seperately.

          Any body know where to get these bolt seals?

          Job on hold until I get some answers.
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            Thinking of using Cerakote on the outside and the inside of the valve covers.

            Anybody used this coating before?


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              As far as I know, cerekote is just the name of the company. They do various ceramic coatings.


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                I’m sure I’ve heard not to get the inside painted in case it flakes off


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                  I will be trying the H-Series Cerakote on the outside. I will also put some on the inside area around the gasket sealing area, the oil filler cap sealing area and the areas where the spark plug barrels seals are fitted. There has been some of the original coating coming off the inside but I have decide to not coat the total inside area. I am sure what is left of the original coating should be stable and will last another 17 years Effectively no Cerakote will be used on the exposed inside areas of the rocker covers.

                  The process the company doing this for me is going to use is called H-Series.
                  1. The H-Series is a two-pack paint system used on parts that can withstand high heat it has to be baked to 300°C for an hour.
                  Going to Audi today to discuss the difference in the size of the gasket.

                  Clearly the new gasket is much narrower. My personnel opinion is it will do the job and may even seal better?????
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                    Audi say the revision gasket is correct.

                    Rocker cover 5-8 is now away being coated with cerakote. I hope to get it back in 7 days. If all goes well then rocker cover 1-4 is next.

                    Also collecting the steering rack inner track rods today ready for a full rack overhaul.


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                      Valve cover refitted and sealing well.

                      This is not your cosmetic type of finish but I am happy.

                      Now for banks 1 - 4
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