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Steering rack leaking on both ends

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  • Steering rack leaking on both ends

    It looks like my steering rack is leaking on both ends.

    Can this be service with new seals.

    What options do I have ie can it be replace with any B7 steering rack. Audi said the S4 rack is Rand 46k for a new rack excluding labour.

    Are all the B7 A4/S4 racks all the same.

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    I know it's a nightmare job getting them out and back in, good luck bud


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      I would just have new seals fitted. There is a o-ring either end of the rack (£6 each). Not sure if they could be replaced with the rack fitted to the car but either way it will be a pig of a job to remove the rack on the V8 models.


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        Nice drawing. The one I got from my local dealer does not show the O rings.

        Lets hope now I have the part number they can supply me two.

        Thanks B5NUT


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          Part arriving today for the rack overhaul


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            Good luck to whoever's pulling the rack out, has to be done on a lift and even then it's a total sod of a job.
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              Thankfully its going to a well spoken of company who say "they have all the right tolls for the job"

              This is one job I would not do myself I value my sanity and hands.
              Not sure sanity is the right word to use when owning a V8 during these times. glug glug

              Still 11ltr per 100 km is not that bad or the equivalent 25.6mpg. My car is a manual.


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                I took the car in on Monday to have the rack done.

                They phone me yesterday and reported the high pressure line was leaking and the rack will need a full rebuild. The main shaft of the rack was worn and pitted. It will be going off to be hard chromed. Once it comes back it will get new seals, bushes, inner tie bars, bellows and track rod ends. The high pressure line is being replaced.

                The complete system is going to be flushed and the car will get a wheel alignment done before its returned.

                With a bit of luck I should be getting it back next week.


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                  Just collected the car and it is so much better.

                  My mistake it was a low pressure return pipe that was leaking. They replaced the complete pipe.

                  Very happy with the work they did.


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                    I was happy until this morning when I spotted power steering fluid all over my drive.

                    Looks like a pipe has come off and drained every last drop of fluid out the car.

                    They said they are coming to take the car away to sort it out. didnt they say they would do that the first time ?


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                      If they redone /rebuilt the pipe it will probably won´t last, Had one of my presssure pipes repaird twice and it begun leaking soon after, bought a new one from tradition and no more leaks, when the pipe to the steering rack started leaking I didn´t think twice and went and bought a new one from tradition also and no more leaks, just do the math, the price of removing, reparing and putting it back isn´t worht it if you have to do it 2 or 3 times.


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                        Will chat to them when I collect the car they said they replaced the pipe not repaired.

                        I would prefer to use Audi parts. From what I could see it looked like the return pipe came off. Quite sure they did not secure it correctly.

                        Will get the part numbers and order from Audi if it leaks again.


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                          They repair company just called me and said the car is fixed. It was a simple job. They said it looks like the clamp on the new pipe was not correctly secured.

                          They are keeping the car for testing until next week Wednesday to ensure all is ok.

                          Just have to use my S2 Coupe until then


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                            S4 back home running great.

                            Turned out they did not flare the pipe ends correctly and the flexible pipe slipped off.

                            All is well that ends well.