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Steering rack leaking on both ends

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    Lesson. Use a garage that knows what they are doing
    Nothelle S2 Avant
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      Originally posted by orsum View Post
      S4 back home running great.

      Turned out they did not flare the pipe ends correctly and the flexible pipe slipped off.

      All is well that ends well.

      That was what I meant before, they replace the flexible pipe for a new one and use the old terminals and clamp it toghether, that was what I did and didnĀ“t last, than I bought a new complete pipe from Audi tradition and problem solved, the clamping where ok for a while but soon begun sweping. Hope you have better luck!


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        Great bits of advice.

        Never going to use that place again.

        I am putting this pipe replacement down as temp. When the engine needs to comes out for clutch and timing chain I will replace the pipe with an OEM part.


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          17th Sept 100km from home with all my family going to a hockey match with my granddaughter the steering fluid pipe came off again.

          Waiting for a new OEM pipe. While waiting for one to arrive they are making up new pipes with high temperature hose using x2 hydraulic crimped ends. They say they will never fail again.