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2.5TDi AEL pump timing problems

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  • Tractor Dave
    I had a similar problem with my wife's Passat. The locking tool used was an aftermarket one and the pump timing was out slightly. I ended up getting my Vag mechanic friend to use his proper vag tool and it was all fixed. What locking tool are you using?

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  • AndyP
    started a topic 2.5TDi AEL pump timing problems

    2.5TDi AEL pump timing problems

    Had to do the cambelt and fuel pump belt on my A6 2.5TDi the other day and now I can’t get the car running right again. Bear in mind it did run perfectly and started on the first touch of the key, even in the middle of winter before!
    Here’s what I did
    1.Engine was set to TDC on no.1 using the mark on the flywheel and verified with a welding rod down the glowplug hole.
    2.Cam locking tool installed and new cambelt, waterpump, tensioner and crank pulley installed, everthing tightend and tensioned and the engine spun over. Back at TDC the cam locking tool went back in.
    3.Fuel pump marks lined up and belt replaced and tensioned. Engine spun over and all marks lined back up.

    Now at this stage you need to get the engine up to temp and fine tune the pump yiming with VCDS, but mine runs like s**t! It takes an age to start and then smokes heavily. I did manage to get it up to temp but when I switch to ‘basic settings’ in VCDS, the engine immediately stalls. If I keep it revving, I can get a look at the timing graph and it’s showing that it’s really retarded, as in off the bottom of the scale, but my fuel pump will not advance far enough to get it back in range.

    I’ve double checked everything is lined up correctly a couple of times and everything looks good. I must be missing something, any ides what??