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Audi 90 B3 Quattro Special Edition 292/700 RU

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    Originally posted by M_GORDON View Post
    Hi!, very good jobs, congrats!

    But... why sell S2 bumper? And why not other engine swap? It's enought with 130ps?
    Because it is easier for me to cut extra weight and make 2.3 10v great again with electronic injection than finding nice 20v/20vt and installing it. We also know that powerful engine needs stronger transmission.
    And I feel that 130ps is really ok during winter, especially on ice tracks.


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      Speaking about S2 replica - it was not so flexible, many contacts with ice and snow have destroyed it particulary.
      So i have to return to B3 body, its bumper is high and its plastic is really flexible.
      Several days ago my buddy decided to make composite front fenders for B3, they won’t rust at all, they weight 1.7kgs per each and I am going to test them this winter.


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        Recently bought an oil catch can, because original rubber is not using anymore, so decided to do it.

        Bought it an Aliexpress, and made a mount from aluminium.
        You can easily notice it near air filter on that pic.