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95 S2 Limo Replica

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  • Looks great, good colour!

    S2 Coupe 3B Project

    Ur quattro restoration

    S2 Avant

    Boost is the new rock and roll!


    • Impressive work and result.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Consider no exhaust cut out like a modern car with the exhaust turned down pointing at the ground - maybe maybe not.
      Recovered Ford Recaros for the front seats ?
      Boost gauge and Air / Fuel ratio gauge mounted in the centre vent grilles ?
      Standard bonnet grille with black surround and chrome rings.
      Super looking sleeper, leave the paint as is ( apart from the wing naturally) and you won’t be fussing about stones chips / wear ‘n tear, but agree with tidying under the bonnet to pander to everyone on here’s OCD.
      Just my own suggestions to build on what you’ve achieved to date.
      Best wishes.


      • Awsome job! Congrats!


        • Appreciate all your comments guys

          Interesting idea with having no cut out for bumper
          I got a pair of BMW E92 M3 seats for free so was going to try to fit them and if they are good maybe dye them blue to match the rears.
          Have a standard grill in stock but been busy cleaning the rings that I had sprayed black years ago.
          black surround looks the best have that on my coupe.
          Also thinking about MkI or MkII Avus in 18s



          • This is one interesting build! Those seats look nice.


            • Originally posted by sjw185 View Post
              Also thinking about MkI or MkII Avus in 18s
              Mk1 S8 Avus rims for the 'win'. The Mk2 Avus rims are too 'sharp' in their appearance for the rounded lines of a B4 body.

              M3 seats are nice, but Recaros are better IMHO. Sell the M3 seats to finance the Recaros. Recaro do a seat mounting kit ( subframe ) that allows the Recaros to mount onto them with four bolts and the 'subframe' mounts into the factory seat rails on the floor of the B4 body with no welding or cutting. The Recaro website or the Agency for Recaros in the UK should be able to supply the subframes or at least give you the part number for you to be able to search for them secondhand. HTH.


              • Got a set of Mk1 Avus for a good price,
                They were in a poor state but thought a blast and powder coat would fix it.
                Turns out they had been chrome plated in the past and wheel places wont touch them.
                Had a go with a copper wire brush but that just made them shiny
                Tried a twisted wire cup and that just made the chrome sparkle!
                Started using a flapper pad and found a lot of porosity in the inside and face.
                Think the nickel/chrome has been attacking the alloy after years of being left outside.
                Would not like to hit a pot hole and have a wheel failure so unfortunately they are for the scrap

                wheels 1.jpg wheels 2.jpg wheels 6.jpg


                • Also been chasing a boost issue.
                  The recirculation valve has been chittering like a S1.
                  Thought the valve was faulty but changed it out and no different?
                  Unplugged the WGFV and was getting about 1.2bar of boost which is not right.
                  After opening wastegate found the cause.

                  The cap had perch bolted in from underneath with a part number 035145815M
                  Had a search on google and had a reference to old chip tuning.

                  Modified Vs Original
                  watsegate mod.jpg wastegate orginal.jpg

                  wastegate modded.jpg