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    Nope, standard A/C.

    There is definitely a flap with a rack fitted and pinion on the motor shown in the photo. I've found some mentions of motors but many more about vacuum control. I'm not sure what's going on!


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      Originally posted by markb_1303 View Post
      Nope, standard A/C.

      There is definitely a flap with a rack fitted and pinion on the motor shown in the photo. I've found some mentions of motors but many more about vacuum control. I'm not sure what's going on!
      Great to hear you got her boosting!

      I’ve never seen a motor in the entry to the heater box like that. Might be a different version of the AC, there was the normal Audi version but I heard of an aftermarket option too.

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        Ok, so the plot thickens...

        The heater box had two resistor packs fitted - one which was not wired (which is made by fiat/lancia) and one that was bodged in the side with sealant which was the Audi unit.

        The motor which controls the flap goes to a pair of relays which don't look entirely factory fit...

        I am assuming that someone has replaced the fan and housing with the fiat unit. Can anyone tell me if they can see anything else unusual in the photos?

        Any ideas what the best option is next? Make the current bits work or try and source a second hand unit?
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          Just bought a 93 s2 avant myself
          Not a beauty, lots to be done but it feels quite tight despite long milage ...
          Hope to get it MOT'ed with new brake-disks and pads.

          Also have an issue with the heater motor, have digital climate.


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            Hi all, It's been a while since I have updated here so I'll try and go over what's been going on.

            After the service I had a few issues with the running of the car which left me not using it very much, mainly out of frustration:
            1. The battery went flat (thanks to the aftermarket alarm) and then went charged up the alarm was still immobilising the engine and the starting was intermittent. In the end I opened the alarm up and disabled it so that was sorted.

            2. It started to develop a misfire under high loads and when the car was hot. Mainly only happened at full or near full boost and high RPMs but the idle was very slightly rough when hot also. I recabled all the coils as the insulation was broken down and replaced the ground wire as this was bad and not making a great connection at the head. This made an improvement but there was still a hesitation there. I suspect that one coil is weak and breaking down under the high load conditions. I managed to find a full set of coils on the cover for a good price and bought the set to swap over and this set works well so I'm now back to full boost! Big smiles, I can tell you!

            With those two annoying issues finally sorted it was good to drive the car!

            The car was MOT'd a short while ago and it passed with a range of very small picky advisories, none of which are a big deal.

            Fast forward until today and at very short notice I've got the car into a spray shop for a full respray! It was always on the cards, the car has had a blow over repray in the past and it wasn't the best job. The car was largely solid but untidy so looking forward to seeing the car looking back to its former glory!

            In addition to this I have stripped the instrument cluster to repair the LCDs and faces and lots of interior parts for cleaning/repairs such as re-gluing the door cards.

            I'm now going to be on the lookout for a whole range of little parts to sort out ready for the rebuild, I'll start a wanted thread shortly.

            Long post with no pics so I apologise but I'll post some shots of the strip down later


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              The respray is coming on but sadly progress has been painfully slow. The guy still hasn't sent any photos of the progress to upload so I might have to do a full update when I get the car back with photos.
              I went to see the car yesterday and it's now in primer so hopefully won't be too long until the paint is going on!
              I'll include a little teaser I took while i was there! IMG_20211002_144547.jpg


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                Originally posted by markb_1303 View Post
                The respray is coming on ...
                That's no blow-over!


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                  Originally posted by John. View Post

                  That's no blow-over!

                  Definitely not!

                  Previously the car has had a blow over, complete with overspray and lots of paint edges around door handles etc which I really don't like.

                  At the moment I'm stressing out about the finish, I really hope it turns out well!