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  • RichLV's UrS4

    18z brake swap is fully prepped on parts department. All that is needed now is a rebuild of the calipers themselves. Sourcing pistons was a bit of a challenge, but I got it done. Calipers should be done during this week, luckily, swap will be done on Saturday. Calipers may prove a bit of a handful, since I had most of the pistons seized.

    For the parts I picked:
    - Full Frenkit seals & pistons kits
    - Zimmermann 4.2 C6 (347x30) rotors
    - Ferodo 17z brake pads
    - HEL braided black brake lines
    - TRW pad hardware
    - TRW wear sensors


    • I'm now rocking 18z calipers at the front. They are massive. And bleeding them is a challenge.

      Will need to bleed them again in a week, as the brake pedal is a bit spongy. Gave the car to my good friend to drive, as with the weather here I'm only commuting on my motorized two wheel friend, yet the brakes still need to settle in.


      • Passed MOT a month ago. Some drama there with the big front brakes. They did not like the 16mm shims. Will redesign the shims to be like plates, so they look more like caliper carriers.

        Exhaust parts have finally arrived.

        2 Magnaflow mufflers & 3 inch V-bands. All the necessary 3 inch piping is already on hand. Will begin reworking the exhaust soon.