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    I'm loving the home made blast furnace

    I'd like to see some more pics of what you used to fuel it and what you used as the crucible for melting the metal in.

    I'm inspired!


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      First I tried with wood, but it is pain in the *** to saw small bits and constanlty feed them into the furnace. Now I have used coal. Found some lying on the ground around an abandoned boilerhouse, nobody uses coal anymore and my "mine" is almost depleted
      Crucible is made from 6mm pipe and 6mm plate welded on one end.

      First crucible was made from old fire extinguisher and it burnt through on first melt.

      Don't forget to clean out the ash every time, or it will resrtict the airflow and overheat the grate and it will melt.

      1989 Audi 80 Quattro
      1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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        so, it is a pile of bricks, some coal, an iron drain cover/grate and some old tube and an Audi 80 interior fan.


        thanks for sharing the pics!


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          Did the exact same AC build from B4 to B3 on mine a couple years ago. including the B5 display swap!
          Still lookin for a good trip computer though..


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            nice thread, the cat , furnace is impressive
            S2 's and oldtimers


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              Went to the store one day and saw a original Nardi steering wheel in a rusty and dirty Audi 80.
              Offered my steering wheel to the owner and he agreed, he was happy for a steering wheel that was intact and not taped and I was even happier. So win win.
              Needs some repair and new leather. Someone has put an audi logo in the middle, and it is not even glued, but pressed on, has some spikes on the back

              Bought some old school wheels for summer tyres, unfortunately all center caps are missing.
              Ignore tyres that look like balloons and pollen

              Had some leftover paint and friend painted door handles, mirrors and gas tank flap.
              Electric heated mirrors are from the same B4 donor car.
              Car needs some polishing.

              One plastic gear was broken inside the drivers mirror, C4 electric mirror element was used for repair. 3 metal sleeves for screws have different length and must be taken from B4, othwerwise identical.

              Some interior pics from previous owner. I don't like the blue seats, as soon as I can find light/beige back seat, they will be thrown out.

              1989 Audi 80 Quattro
              1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                It started snowing yesterday and interior is still not assembled.

                I've been hoarding together Audi 90 parts from all over the country, maybe I can combine one decent set of lights & grill. And just found out that the bumper mounts are different on 80 & 90, begging to think that I should have bought an entire 90 for donor.

                Bought Comfort blinker module, flashes turn signal 3 times, like on newer cars.
                Photo is from the internet and has old part number, new one is 000953227A

                Found pair of Girling 60 supports from the scrapyard. After electrolysis the supports are starting to like brakes again. Unfortunately they don't fit with 14" wheels, guess I'm gonna use them on the Competition.

                1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                  Bought an entire Audi 100 because of heated front seats
                  Seats are little bit dirty and drivers seat has broken or bent frame. Already found donor seat frame form the scarp yard.

                  Washed the passenger seat and now it drying in sauna.

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                  1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                  1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                    After drying, seats were still litlle bit dirty, disassembled both seats completly and washed again with washing gel.

                    Modifying B4 dash harness for B3 and adding ABS on/off button, wiring for comfort blinker and central locking. 5 different dash harnesses. Nice mess

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                    1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                    1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                      Installed side reinforcement beams.
                      1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                      1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                        Are those glued or bolted? I might want to retrofit them too.


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                          Bolted, mounting holes are already there. I guess it was an optional extra for B3.
                          My beams are from B4 where they are standard equipement.
                          In the parts catalouge it shows 5A distance pieces for both ends, but B4 had the distance piece only on the lock side, it would not even fit on the other end.
                          These beams are pretty strong, I use them as extension for breaker bar.

                          1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                          1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                            Ace story keep it coming


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                              Took off the fwd gearbox and replaced it with a quattro one. Alone, on the garage floor
                              At least it's working now and no more whining noises.
                              Some random clips near the town. Probably last snow this winter, ice is also gotten soft on the sea, so no ice tracks this season anymore.

                              Some random clips near the town. Warning! Rattling noise.

                              1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                              1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


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                                ABS light would come on after few hundred meters, but the old ABS ecu does not support VCDS.
                                Took a B5 ABS module with wiring and made an adapters from broken ABS sensors.
                                Then had a thought why not install entire B5 quattro ABS/EDL module.

                                Diagnostic capability
                                4 vs 3 channel ABS
                                Over 10 years newer techology, should perform better.
                                Get rid off thick ABS harness from the floor.
                                Get rid off mercury G-force sensor under the rear seat. (This seems like hack mod, after they discovered 4 wheels lock up problem on quattro cars with ABS )


                                Needs standing time signal from B5 cluster.

                                I need to borrow a car with cluster that has standing time output. Measure the signal and maybe I can figure it out and replicate with arduino.

                                To reduce the risk of brake overheating, EDL regulation is not permitted above a specific brake temperature. The temperature limit is defined in the ABS control module (w/EDL) -J104-. The control module determines the actual brake temperature via an algorithm. If the algorithm determines that the brakes have reached a temperature below the temperature limit, the EDL system becomes effective again. Function of the vehicle brake system and ABS are not affected by intervention in this system.
                                When ignition is switched off, the temperature calculated for the hot brakes is stored until ignition is switched on again. When ignition is switched on, the instrument cluster transmits a time signal so that the ABS control module (w/EDL) -J104- can calculate the standing time. This standing time is required by the temperature algorithm for calculation of the new brake temperature. If the indicated standing time exceeds one hour, the brake temperature is automatically set to the lowest temperature in the temperature algorithm.
                                EDL shut-off for temperature reasons is indicated in the measuring value block for a period of 20 ignition cycles.
                                Using a lab scope, check for the presence of a "Time Stamp" signal from the Instrument Cluster (IC) T32b connector pin #11 to the ABS controller at pin #10 (typically a Green wire).

                                This signal will appear as a series of quick 11-volt to 0-volt square wave pulses a moment or so after the ignition is turned to the "on" position. It is critical the square wave signal drops all the way to 0-volts.
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                                1989 Audi 80 Quattro
                                1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition