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URS4/URS6 PARTOUT leftovers—everything obo & must go

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  • URS4/URS6 PARTOUT leftovers—everything obo & must go


    All prices are OBO & local pickup will make things cheaper. Everything is obo—make offers as I need to clear storage space.

    All sales sent through goods & services must add on %3.5 and shipping is paid for by the buyer unless stated otherwise.

    Brand New parts:

    3. Leather ebrake boot--$50 shipped

    4. 034 check valve--$37 shipped

    9. NEW 95.5 urs6 sport steering wheel badges—$105 shipped

    10. Goetze piston ring set — $75 shipped

    USED parts:

    5. Mint urs4 orange factory side markers--$125 shipped

    6. Mint urS red outer tail lights-- $125
    With bulb holders, brackets, and spare

    10. Good AAN belt tensioner--$57 shipped

    12. Good doors-- $150 + shipping a piece
    or $600 shipped for all 4 within conus

    13. Good trunk with all the badging and license plate bracket--$250 + shipping

    14. Good hood--$100 + shipping or $100 picked up

    15. Good rear bumper with brackets, all 3 upper trims, and bumper shocks-- $250 +

    23. Working AAN stock injectors-- $107 shipped FIRM

    28. Airbox audi logo cover with a crack in it-- $57 shipped

    30. Both mint strut mount covers-- $57 shipped

    31. good condition urs4 grill with decent badge—
    $100 + shipping

    35. Good ZF steering rack--$150 shipped

    37. Metal end tank intercooler & crossover pipe-- $220 shipped

    38. Nice factory boost hose set--All 3---$100 shipped
    Throttle body hose, turbo outlet hose, michelin man hose
    I have 2 pair

    42. AAN water manifold- $75 shipped
    I have 1 includes the sensors on it
    & coolant banjo bolt

    43. Steel power steering bracket--$57 shipped

    44. Steel alternator/AC bracket with idler pulley--$75 shipped

    46. Good A/C components except compressor-- offers??

    47. A/C pressure lines- $125 shipped

    49. AAN fuel rail-- $107 shipped x2

    50. AAN Bosch fuel filter --$20 shipped

    51. urS good condition airbox with a brand new Mann air filter and air ducting--
    $150 shipped —no broken tabs or clips—Both intake ducts

    52. AAN maf--$100 shipped 1 left
    screens removed

    53. Nice AAN turbo inlet hose--$107
    Each will include a good 710a diverter valve.

    55. urs4 early 5 speed 01E trans-- $500 shipped within CONUS.
    Has fresh dealership gear oil. I have one left usually ends

    56. urs4 early locking rear diff--$300 shipped within CONUS

    57. urS4 nice axle set-- $300 shipped within CONUS.
    Factory GKN set in great shape. No torn boots or rust. .
    I have 3 sets

    58.Good urs4 driveshaft-- $100 + shipping
    Working cv's & center bearing

    62. Front 26mm sway bar-- $50 + shipping
    Rust free...

    63. Front subframe-- $100 + shipping
    Rust free!!!!

    66. Urs4 instrument cluster with bad LCD screen
    and odometer gears broken-- $50 + shipping

    67. Urs4 instrument cluster with good working lcd screen,
    dash lights, but odometer gears unsure of. $250 shipped

    69. urs4 rear wheel hubs--$125 shipped
    Rust free

    70. rear control arms---$100 + shipping
    Rust free

    71. Full size urs4 mirrors--$250 shipped
    Working motors...

    73. window motor set all 4--$125 shipped
    3 sets—All work....

    74. Windows- $100 + shipping a piece or
    $200 + shipping for all 4

    75. Stock turbo oil & water line set-- $125 shipped.

    77. Strut bar--$50 + shipping

    78. Every switch, fuse, relay, module, etc
    from a 93 urs4---$125 shipped

    79. urs4 rain trays-- $100 + shipping

    82. Switch panel above the radio with all
    the switches--$100 shipped

    83. Stock clutch pedal-- $57 shipped

    84. Stock brake pedal-- $57 shipped

    85. Stock throttle cable — $57shipped

    Stock throttle pedal— $57 shipped

    86. urS 5 speed 01E shifter linkage set -- $200 shipped
    Includes lockout box, both linkages, shifter, and the crossrod

    87. Mint trunk interior trim-- $100 + shipping

    88. Mint brake dust shield set--$150 shipped
    All 4 — Rust free

    91. Stock shift knob needs recovering-$25 shipped
    B5 s4 shifter $35 shipped

    93. Non rusty urS gas tank will include the pump
    assembly and cover-- $300 picked up or $500 shipped

    95. Good brake master cylinder-- $107 shipped

    96. Good power steering reservoir--$57 shipped

    97. Good windshield washer reservoir with good pumps---$80 shipped


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      I read the list but don't see a throttle body do you have this item?