For sale water injection kit:

Here is a list of what is included, however no water tank:

1xAEM High pressure pump 200 PSI (12V/10A)
Approx 5M of 6mm OD nylon hose (806-261)
Approx 2M of 4mm OD nylon hose (806-266) - attached to nozzles

1x HFS-3 Flow Control Module (SN 100991)
1x 260cc injector (blue)
1x 500cc injector (black)
1x 4mm Tee compression fitting (806-395) in
2x M8 x 1/8 NPT jet adapter without plug (806-357N)
1x 6mm Compression fitting and in-tank filter (806-258)
4x M5x40mm bolt
1x M6 grounding stud with washer and nuts and 6mm eyelet for pump ground.
1x 4mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.
1x 6mm to 1/8 BSP compression fitting for FAV.
1x Water pump harness of #12 AWG cable and approx. 6M of multi-core cable with blue harness.
1x Fast acting valve with red harness 1300cc
1x water level switch with connector (806-281c)
1x Dash button with 6-way cable (HFS-2 only)
1.5 M of multi-core with grey capped RJ48 for. ECU interface, fail-safe and map switching.
1xMolex type 4-way power in harness
1x Green harness for Direct injection engines (v3).

Price: 500 euro + shipping
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