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A word of warning ⚠️ sorry people.

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    Originally posted by newsh View Post

    Yes, Edvinas Gerasimas
    To buck the trend I've had a few parts from Edvinas which I've not had problems with. I have been meticulous in the detail though and they have been fairly basic parts.

    It sounds like the cams were damaged in transit but any damage with couriers has to be reported within days, sometimes hours so makes it a bit tricky to raise any issue with the courier. Whether they could have been packed better is another matter. Any engine in good order should still be very usable and saleable too with the market in such good form so don't panic and hopefully you'll be able to get what you were after even if Edvinas is no help.


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      Ive had parts from this guy as well and have had no problems in fact, found him quite easy to deal with as responded to my messages pretty quickly. You will probably notice across all the audi forums he responds quickly to peoples posts 'looking for parts'

      I don't think you can overlook how many folks he has helped get their cars sorted.

      Its a shame some people have had a less than perfect experience but for the sake of fairness that is your experience and not everyones so don't write off the seller as a source of parts that may be hard to come by.




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        To be fair, the front struts I got were very nice condition, blasted and repainted, and a good price, they just didn’t fit the S2, then no comms when I said they were wrong and I was still looking for the correct ones. Luckily I was able to use them on my sons car so not wasted.

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          Too bad if ebay has allowed that p.o.s lithuanian open his account again. They have kicked him out atleast once and I have warned people about him here before too. He may have been honest at some point in the past but that was a long time ago.


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            I have bought used parts from Edvinas as well. Some of the parts were not as described. Broken interior bits, interior bits with the wrong color, center console full and mold. The "new" replacement center console i got from him was without the hole for the diff button.


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              So most folks had good experiences sorry for the people who didn’t I wish I could have done more at the time, Seems he will just carrying on as he has been. it's turned me into a bitter person due to the knock-on effect I'm still feeling today cannot get out of my overdraft it's been an evil experience from start to finish.

              I was in two minds if It would be a wise move posting this but it’s looking like more & more like I was one of the only he did a full number on he must have seen me coming. I dunno what to say to be perfectly honest.


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                It's very easy to provide a good experience when things go well, but it is when they go bad you get to find out what the person or organisation is really like.


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                  Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
                  It's very easy to provide a good experience when things go well, but it is when they go bad you get to find out what the person or organisation is really like.
                  Never a truer word spoken! Especially ignoring emails & over a dozen messages or so, Through his despicable actions he's left me in ruins never will I buy anything outside England with a price as high.