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  • s2driveruk
    today i decided to try and get the prop off the car so I could begin the process of refurbishing it.

    All going well until i tried to undo the 3 bolts at the base of the 3b typical fashion having not being touched in a very long time thanks to the local MOT place continuing to pass the car for several years.

    Managed to get two off then the top-most and least accessible decided to round the caphead out, leaving me with zero room to do anything about creative removal. Bought a hacksaw to attempt to try and cut it off but couldnt get it in close enough. Losing the will with yet another simple task on this car i was getting close to just walking away then realised i could split the exhaust and turn it around enough to get one of those irwin extractor sockets on it....1/2hr later and the exhaust was off and the swear box was full however, i was not able to start on prop removal.

    Thankfully getting the prop off was a breeze, not something you can say often with the S2!!!!

    Before i removed it, i spent a while trying to work up where the slop was from front to back. just rotating it fwds and backwards it was clear the front cv was toast. it was actually clunking and making a metallic twang which would account for the noise and vibration i could feel and hear.

    Front cv grease is just so waxy and thick it is little wonder it is knackered...

    To be honest the rear wasn't much better either

    The centre bearing rubber is cracked and the weight of the prop had sunken it too, looking very tired but actually oddly still pretty smooth on rotation

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  • s2driveruk
    Managed to change the rear drop links without incident with new ones from Pete at Quattro Corner, the previous set were creaking all the time and was annoying the hell out of me. Then I made a start on the diff mounts as the rear is a powerflex one so no need to do anything with that...

    After running the car as a daily driver for the last 2.5 years, things are getting a little crusty underneath which ensured a fantastic wrestling match trying to remove the 17mm nylocs from the long bolts through the diff mounts. One finally gave up and let me have it, however the nearside one was less interested in giving into me and after much swearing it was clear this was going knowhere fast. gave it some plusgas and cleaned the threads that were still exposed but it was stuck fast. Eventually after a couple of hours soaking in penetrating oil, it finally gave up and i was able to wrestle the mounts out, ready to slot in the new Meyle ones I had sourced (eventually...these are getting hard to find!)

    As the bolt is not exactly easy to find, i cleaned up and attempted to reuse the original...which was a mistake. Started tightening up the new nyloc and then it decided it was going no further. bit of brute force and suddenly felt like it was going again....actually it was spinning on stripped threads....

    I decided as i couldn't get the angle grinder even close to it that i was attempt to burn the nyloc out and then hope it would actually come off which thankfully it did...this was the offending item

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  • steve briance
    Good list but don't look for peeling underseal...

    If you find some like i did, rust will be underneath it and there is no end in sight from that point on!

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  • s2driveruk
    started a topic Project unsieze

    Project unsieze

    I've been lucky enough to have had almost 3 years without having to do anything significant on the car but this year I have decided to finally sort out the underside as there is so much slack from a combination or worn bushes and I am expecting cv joints on the propshaft that are well past their prime after 200k miles.

    She's up on 4 axle stands and I'll be doing the following to ger her ship-shape for the now very late MOT unfortunately work is meaning a distinct lack of time...

    Renew diff mounts (done)
    Renew gearbox mounts (done)
    Attempt to source and change propshaft centre bearing (done)
    New cv joints and covers on the propshaft (done)
    Rebalance the prop prior to reinstallation (done)
    change oil seals on the rear differential and fluid
    New pad retainers and pins for the brembo monoblock to hope to stop annoying brake squeal and resonating disc hum once hot (done)
    New rear drop links (done)
    Brake fluid flush (done)
    Goo flush for the steering
    New voltage regulator for the alternator as seems not to be firing correctly under 2000rpm (done)
    Likely another set of front top mounts
    Boost hose refresh as some of the samco's have started to sweat oil (done - thanks Newsh!)
    no doubt a load of stuff i shall uncover on the way!
    rear calipers (done)
    caliper carriers (done)
    new stainless brake flexis rear (done)
    rear pads (done)
    rear discs (done)
    new handbrake cables (sourced)
    new sparkplugs (done)
    rear drop links (done)
    front drop links (done)
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