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  • S2 pictures?

    I am doing a 3B into an. URQ and planning on having functioning air conditioning and do not want to use the stock compressor. I think the way to go is to do a S2 setup and reverse the alternator and compressor. Would be great to see how this looks out of a car. Pics anyone? Do I just need to move the turbo oil line to the other side of the filter and get a different bracket. I plan on using the stock urq IC ( will probably make that deeper by having modified by Apikol) and oil cooler.

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    Many parts like oil filter housing, alternator bracket, compressor bracket, compressor, freon pipes are relatively easy sourceable from other audis: UrS4/UrS6, 80, 90.
    But for assembling S2 purely OEM aircon system one needs 3 very rare parts: oil sump extension, oil drain pipe and freon pipe under right wing from S2. These parts come from S2/RS2 with aircon only. Personally I have been collecting them for 5 years: such cars are very rare at my place. I'm afraid they are even more rare statesside, so I assume that proper fabrication is your way.

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      I have working ABY A/C on my car, so can take some pics if required. Mine is RHD though, so the pipework from the drier to the evaporator and condensor to the evaporator will be different.
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        Pictures would be great. Brackets, correct oil pain extension I can get and can have hoses made. I would like to see how the compressor fits in relation to the turbo.

        As it relates to the 10v urq I hear that when the ac compressor kicks in it is like throwing a boat anchor out the window and I havent seen or heard of any 20v swaps that have ac installed so I dont know how they would handle it. The RR used the same setup as the 10v URQ. Maybe a more modern rotary compressor is better? Maybe I am everythinking this. With an rs2 em and a 7400 turbo i will be doing at least 400hp. More than enough to compensate for the power loss.

        Opinions welcome