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    Hi JW,

    Thanks for that thorough response sir, I did see your listed history earlier and wondered, but failed to grasp the tongue in cheek of "maybe these will be awesome" and it is encouraging to hear of your satisfaction with the V3s. Bear with me, a question into the theoretical please. Because of your experience, for B4 folks who could have the same '97 A4 B5 Eibach/Bilstein style rear set-up and B8s up front and really like the comfort level of that (very close to my set-up), what might V3s offer that you could recommend? Can you describe (I am actually thinking here of your '06 BMW estate before and after V3s, can you expand on the "awesome" between those two?) how the drive was different, thank you.



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      I have no V3's in place, not on the B4 nor the BMW.

      The 80 has H&R 60/40 springs and the new Sachs/Monroe dampers (previously koni 86-2066sport + 8210-1160sport)
      I am contemplating on getting the V3's for the 80 later on, but one problem might be that the rear external reservoir
      fouls the Cayenne caliper I have fitted on the rear.

      As for the Koni's. Perhaps I will set them at their firmest and put them back on to see what happens.

      The BMW has the KW StreetComfort coil overs.
      The streetcomfort is designed for a little bit of lowering and uses linear springs like the ClubSport set. This
      leads to the car not rolling first before settling when turning into a corner like the V1/2/3 does because of the progressive spring.
      Essentially the StreetComfort is the V2 with linear springs and modified dampening.

      There just isn't that much available for the B4 anymore. If StreetComfort was available for the B4,
      it would have been fitted already
      The car will have around 500bhp, so brakes (sorted) and suspension need to be up to par.

      The Eibach Sportsystem 50/40 I had on the B5 was quite nice from memory. It has been a very long time
      since is had the B5...

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        The V3s, even on the softest settings are WAY harder than sport Koni shocks. The spring rates are high too... so just be ready for a very, very firm ride...
        Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird Turbo....undergoing major changes.....
        S2 Coupe... bit easier off the line...
        '03 ZX12-R daily hack.... lots of nice bolt ons...


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          I am not using the Koni's as a reference, they were just on the car when I bought it
          They are (and the new shocks now) just too soft for the H&R springs.



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            Had a look at the Koni's...
            It looks like both front and rear were set to almost the softest setting.
            Front has 2 full turns of adjustment. I now set them half a turn from hard.
            Rear has 10 quarter turns of adjustment. I now set them to 2 quarter turns from hard.
            When I get my new front top bearings I'll swap them back in and see what it does.