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S2 complete rebuild

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    Try Alex (Error404) on here.

    S2 Coupe 3B Project

    Ur quattro restoration

    S2 Avant

    Boost is the new rock and roll!


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      Or you can make it yourself


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        Originally posted by larsaskogstad View Post
        Or you can make it yourself
        The thought has crossed my mind as i usually approch problems with a very open mindset, and the ”everything is possible mentality”, but some things are better left to more experienced people....!


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          Error404 did mine. can only recomend it


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            Originally posted by rxl View Post
            Error404 did mine. can only recomend it
            Looks like he will do mine aswell!

            As a general update, i’ve spent the last couple of weeks cleaning out the engine bay, figuring out certain material choices and planning generally.

            As far as the engine, fueling, steering and brakes go, i think i have most of it figured out.

            Got a lot of parts coming in over the next week, and i’ll try to get better at snapping photos. Both for my own sake, but also for the enjoyment of you guys!

            It’s been a lot of fun this far, and i’ve also had a couple of interesting finds and ”solutions” from previous owners. In short, this car has been severely abused and it feels good knowing it will be somewhat saved, although it will never be restored to it’s original state! As a side note i found the ABS unplugged, and all of the calipers were in such a bad shape i’m surprised they even worked... (And oh my god the amount of dirt and grime i’ve had to remove from literally EVERYWHERE)
            Find some pictures below

            The goal now is to dry-fit the engine, make sure everything works as intended, then pick it all apart and send it off for a paint and body job. Hopefully i can have the engine run in and bodywork done in time for spring. The interior side of the project probably wont be done until early summer.

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