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My S2 coupe bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

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  • Bother, I think I have a couple of spares, though I've missed the post today and can't easily get to a post office on Saturday's, nothing within reasonable cycle range.

    I'll have a look though and if one fit's in a little jiffy bag and goes in the village post box I'll send it that way as I have some first class stamps knocking about it and you should have it on Monday.
    1989 B3 2.0 3A 80 quattro. Long term project.
    1992 C4 100 2.8 Avant quattro, daily driver.
    1995 RS2, MTM K26/7, 380 BHP conversion.
    1997 C4 2.8 30V quattro, currently breaking for spares.
    1991 MK2 Golf G60. For sale.
    1990 Corrado G60. Looking sad.


    • Finally got the 44mm radiator fitted this week. Moving the lower bracket 5mm did the trick. There is no further rubbing of the plastic cowling against the chassis leg.

      I know people don't like the Nissens radiators but with them having the brass end tanks modifications like moving the bracket can be made.

      The guy that I used modify the radiator also re-soldered all the pipe connectors as some of them did not look the best. I also weld the AC mount back on as one of them had fell off and then welded the other side as I don't think Nissens spot welding was up to the the job.
      Also repainted the sides as some of the paint on the sides was flaking off.

      The paint on the core looked OK, so just painted the end tanks and sides with epoxy

      So far the new radiator is handling the heat better than the 34mm core. I think is down to the larger core and the fact that I used at least 1 and 1/2 liters of extra coolant over the 34mm rad. Also flushed the coolant system again and refilled with fresh coolant. As I'm trying to get rid of the rust in the system. This is the downside of leaving cars to stand for years and not changing the coolant!
      Fitted a replacement upper bracket as I had modified my old bracket by adding an extra 10mm to the length! What I should have done was to fit the rubber mount!

      When I removed the bumper a piece of plastic dropped off the car, and no idea where it came from! Anyway I found out just as I was about to put the bumper back on, that held me up a day as it needed to be fixed.

      Bracket on the washer tank had failed

      Drilled 3 holes for some screws on the snapped bracket and heated the end of the screws up so they melted into the plastic on the tank

      Then used milliput epoxy putty to strengthen the area.

      It's a bit of a bodge but I will order a replacement tank from tradition when I place the next order. However it's holding the pump just fine until a replacement arrives

      When I had the wings off the car I also sprayed up the door trims that I purchased a while ago. I thought someone had tried to prise off the old ones ,but it turned out that they had just been left of the car when it was resprayed. As all the dirt & crud had not been cleaned up very well the paint had not stuck to the edge of the trims and it was that which was coming away. At some point I will strip them down and repaint them. I still need to sort the rear quarter trim out, but the door trim were by far the worst.


      The car is now back on the road again. The wings are 95% OK, there is a slight difference in very bright sunlight from certain angles.

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      • Couple of jobs done over the weekend. First was a job caused by a driver who was given their license from kellogg's. They pulled out on me and I had to slam my brakes on! After that the blower motor started making a rattling sound. After spending a while getting the motor out, which I have to say was a complete pain in the backside. I checked the housing and the fan which was cleaned out and the rattle was still there. So stripped the motor out and this came out! No idea what it is or how it got inside the motor housing.

        Next up was to service the wiper linkage. To be fair it was in excellent condition, I was expecting the shafts to have started to rust but the only issue I found was the grease had dried out, on everything except the inside the gearbox cover. So a bit of regressing and it's running smoothly again. At least the wiper mechanism was easier to remove than the blower motor!

        Final job was the aerial. Seal around the base was starting to split, which I figured at some point will let water in.

        Got one a genuine VW aerial a while ago, this was the part number.

        Looks to be a perfect fit, the square fitment locator was the same and the connectors are the same so it was plug and play.

        At some point over the next few weeks I want to start machine polishing the car. No idea if it's ever been done since it was resprayed. However it's in real need of a good polish and ceramic coating. Only concern about polishing the car is the roof, it's surprisingly thin and easy flexes so won't be able to put much pressure on to get rid of some of the light scratches.