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    nice works short space of time... what welder are you using...??


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      Have been working away on the car over the past couple of weekends. First job was to look at the A pillars and decide what to do with them. I opened them up cutting out the strengthening pieces for the hinges. They were in a bad state as usual for these cars with sunroofs.

      I could have repaired them but decided to get new ones from Audi tradition. So it was out with the old:

      And in with the new. Welded up the outer holes in them before going in. Also removed all the inner frame work to get them as light as possible:

      They were plug welded back on in the factory positions. Also seam welded them onto the front arch as they are being left open so it looks tidier:

      Ground off, they need a little more tidying:

      Same done on the other side:

      Looking much better now! They were parted from the upper sections at the join as per factory, so the 80 roof sits over to the scribed line ensuring it goes on in the right place.

      The next job on the list was to tie the rear turrets into the jig before all hell was let loose with the grinder on the back of the car. Started off with some 60mm steel billets and machined them in the lathe to bolt up into the turrets:

      Welded onto an upright:

      In place:

      And locked off with a top plate:

      All bolted to the jig and shell:

      Having the turrets tied down enabled this to happen!

      So now it was onto the roof. I have attacked the 80 roof to take as much weight out of it as possible. So the A pillars have been opened up and the inner rails have been chopped out as you can see. This will also enable the cage to sit very tightly to the shell and it will be welded to the pillar all the way up to tie it in.

      Then it was on with the Carbon/ Kevlar roof courtesy of Tonks!

      So very happy to see it with a roof roughly back in place. Obviously the roof is just a quick trial fit so I can get an idea for roll cage templates. Will work on the roof fitment next and I am also going to get a carbon rear panel as the current one has had a smack at some point so isn't in the best of shape. Very happy with the recent progress, feel like I have turned the corner and starting to add bits back!


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        Originally posted by caterpillar View Post
        nice works short space of time... what welder are you using...??
        I use an old Lincoln had it many years. A superb welder and cost a lot of money 20 years back, cant fault it!


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          You are a brave man, this is some project. Makes you laugh to think that audi sport were doing this back in the day when the quattros were current and now your doing it in a stone building in the middle of nowhere. Makes my current project look like child's play. Well done with your progress and will be keeping an eye on the build, keep up the good work. Danny


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            Much respect for your technique, sir!


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              very insteresting and well documented build. definately going to keep watching this one.
              "The really good drivers got the bugs on the side windows." Walter Röhrl


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                Bloody hell Hamish you are not hanging about with this one
                Are you fabricating your own cage or using a kit?
                How much shell can you get away with chopping before you get into the really serious race categories?
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                  Will be making my own cage. The off the shelf ones don't fit right and are very poorly finished you might as well do it all yourself.

                  Probably chopped too much out for several series but its going to retain all factory floor, arch tubs and front chassis.


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                    I guessed as much
                    This is a really exciting part of the project, bet you can't wait to crack on with it
                    Panthero Coupé quattro 20vt
                    Indigo ABY coupé
                    Imola B6 S4 Avant


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                      Your quality of workmanship is amazing Hamish, this really will be a special car
                      The ONLY S2 Golf!


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                        Cheers Baz! Means a lot coming from somebody a talented as yourself!


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                          Lookin great Hamish.

                          I can't wait to see the chassis your building. The quality of work is top notch as usual :-)




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                            great work Hamish, you certainly must like being in the shed.
                            will this be a tarmac car or a gravel spec??


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                              Tarmac car Mal. It wont be using a standard suspension set up it will be all custom.


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                                you are the QUATTRO MAN , we can only dream of your garage ,your skills and perfection . great job , do you want to do my next lwb rally shell [for me] ive had it for 4 years never seem to find the timie or money , probley only take you 2 weeks to make a A1 rep