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  • 2018 - Epilogue 1

    It feels like I have Murphy with me every time I'm out.
    It's been about 3 weeks since my last update, and during 2 of those the car has been undriveable.

    First the generator had a complete meltdown. Somehow the main shaft got so hot that all the pulley and stuff melted stuck to it.
    While somehow still having massive play between them, causing the belt to get chewed up and throwing in the towel.

    Then the radiator decided to take up a new career as a fountain. Making a big mess and leaving me stranded.
    That did give me the excuse to change something I've been thinking about for a while, more on that below.

    Then there was a bunch of random smaller stuff aswell. A taillight randomly died because of a faulty ground and the hood opener fell off lol.


    Cracked radiator

    New on the right, not the same despite having the correct art.number...

    Mini-projekt, fitting a new modern fan

    Turned out pretty good if I may say so myelf!


    Because all the trouble I'm still not happy with my fuel-setup. But on the upside I've proven that I not only have enough, but a bit extra fuel!
    200kmh (125mph) on a incline and the AFR stuck to low 11's. On a private road ofc

    That has gotten me to switch tactic with how I tackle the fuel. Right now I've just been 'swinging wildly' trying to find somewhere I'm happy with it and it feels good.
    But now when I know the extra injectors can pick up the slack, I'm just gonna set the cruise value (as close as I can manage) to the standard 14.7
    Then I'm gonna add boost to get that low 11 up to a low 12, and use one of the pressure-switches to even out the delivery as best as I can.


    Despite all the problems, I try to drive as much as I can. One evening I took the time to replicate one of my favorite photos!


    • Originally posted by Audi80/90ClubEurope View Post
      Awesome work! Looks very clean!
      Thanks man! I try


      • 2018 - Epilogue 2

        When life gives you lemons
        And boy have I gotten my share of lemons this season...

        So after the radiator failure I drove for a week or 2 while trying to really nail the fuel/boost. And I kid you not, a few hours after I literally said "I'm pretty happy with this, I think this is it"
        The car started smelling so much exhaust it made my eyes water. Went home and checked it out, cracked manifold again...

        I doubt anyone remembers, but while the engine was out I had the manifold sent away and repaired, but alas it cracked again right through the weld.

        And since there's no alternative to buy, I took this as an opportunity to work on my TIG-skills...


        The (inside) diameter of the pipes are way bigger than stock (42mm)
        No, despite the backassward design of the OEM manifold, it does not have separate channels (except for cyl1/2)
        Yes, the wastegate works fine.
        Nah it sounds exactly the same...
        It's maaaybe 200rpm quicker to spool?

        I had more pictures, but they've somehow magically disappeared since last night.
        Basically just a shot of the finished piece compered to the old one and the piece mounted on the car.

        The whole thing was a major hassle and every single thing that could have gone wrong did (Thanks Murph!)
        I would never do this again on a 10valve in a million years and the people who decided that the manifold and intake should be on the same side should be taken out back and shot.


        I worked my *** of for a week to get ready for a car show I'd been asked to attend, and with 2 hours to spare, I closed the hood.
        And lucky I did! For the second time in a row I won a spot in the "Top10 - Street Class"


        So once again, for like the forth time this season, I WILL TRY TO NOT WORK ON IT ANYMORE AND JUST ENJOY IT (SCREW YOU MURPHY)
        I'm just gonna go readjust the boost to where it was and hit the dyno again.

        Peace out!


        • Well done on the manifold and the two awards too.

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          • Originally posted by Greg_S View Post
            Well done on the manifold and the two awards too.
            'well' is a strong word, but at least it's done and over with


            • 2018 - Round up / 2019 - Prologue

              Long time no see my dear Audiots!
              So I totally fell off the map last season. I was just so tired of fighting with this thing that by the end I didn't even want anything to do with it...

              I spent the whole damn season trying to dial fuel/boost but the god damn thing couldn't keep the same value 2 days in a row.
              I could be out one night dialing the fuel as good as it ever's gonna be with CIS. But by the next time I drove it it would be all over the place again????

              By the end of the season I've must have tinkerd that pressure-regulator so much it completely broke. Because for some reason I now had way too much fuel all the time.
              I could disconnect the extra injector and still run a 8 AFR. It got so much that if I pushed it I'd drench a cylinder and loose spark...

              So anyway. New year, new energy. And I reaaallyy just wanna get this done so I can just enjoy driving it without having to oogle that damn wideband the whole time.
              My plan of attack this season is to swap the pressure-regulator out for a stock one (just need to find one first), then just see what happens with a stock one + the extra injectors and go from there.

              Despite my rear bumper being a constant shade of black from all the smoke I managed to get a few pics, so I'll share those below.
              And as always I very much appreciate any and all tips I can get from you really talented guys. So if you think I should check something out, please speak!



              • Nice car!

                You should never paint contact surfaces on the wheel hubs. Even dirt on the wheel hubs can cause vibration and warped discs.
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                1994 Audi 80 Quattro Competition


                • Waiting for updates


                  • Nice to see you're still tinkering with it The 'upgraded' turbo looks nice indeed.


                    • Originally posted by BLAMM0 View Post
                      Nice to see you're still tinkering with it The 'upgraded' turbo looks nice indeed.
                      That little K24 is a beast!
                      Speaking of which...


                      So I finally drug the car out of winter storage and back home. And even better than that, after a lot of searching I found another warmup-regulator!
                      I cleaned it up a bit and through it on the car as quick as I could. I also cleaned the sot of the plugs and actually gapped them for this season (whoops!)

                      Right away the car felt way better. The idle was smoother and it was easier to start.
                      I took it for a testdrive later that night and wooh boy, let me tell ya, it rips. I should have added the extra injectors and just left the regulator alone from the start.

                      With one extra injector plugged in I get a sliiightly lean AFR and with both of them plugged in I get a little fat.
                      But both alternatives are far better than the clusterfck that was last season...
                      So I felt pretty good cruisin around, got home, parked and left.
                      Came back the day after and was pushing it out and found a big pool of oil under the car... the f?

                      So... It turns out that for some reason, the oil feed to the turbo decided to come loose and create a small fountain under my hood.
                      Like everything on this car, it was a bitch to get access to, but I got a new gasket on there and put some proper lockwashers on aswell.


                      Haven't done anything since that, but it's funny that literally an hour after I get it to run it decides to explode
                      So yeah, I'm gonna do some more testing and if it feels okey I'm gonna get it back on the dyno to finally get proof of my 200+whp!

                      But this season sure starts out better than the last!


                      • You seem to have the patience of a saint.
                        Great effort so far, lets hope the results and peace of mind follows!
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                        • Originally posted by k.alle View Post
                          You seem to have the patience of a saint.
                          Great effort so far, lets hope the results and peace of mind follows!
                          By this point it has very little to do with patience, I'm just used to it
                          Bilar vettu, ska alltid jävlas så fort dom får chansen...