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Finally my Coupe Quattro build underway!

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    Originally posted by Bowie69 View Post
    Sorry if I am being thick, what was the bodged repair?
    At some stage in the car's history, the rear cross panel
    was replaced. Unfortunately the person that did the work has either never replaced a weld-in panel, couldn't weld and/or was stoned.
    It's not in the correct place either. Looks like about 3 tubes of sealant was used to fit the tail lights! broke both trying to get them free. Now the hunt is on to find good condition replacements

    The old panel was crudely cut out and the new panel was stitched welded over the cut edges. sharp edges still showing and some of the welds blew through the material and only took a gentle pry to break free. It looks like a fair bit of body filler on the outside!!


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      Few pics of the donor A4.
      I've done 900kms without issues.
      I bit disappointed in the performance so will HAVE to look into that!!20170430_104751.jpg

      The teardown starts Friday


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        omg the carpet haha.
        please, relate the swap, videos, pictures... is interesting and nice swap for a coupe
        Step 1: setup. <==
        Step 2: potentiation.
        Step 3: enjoy.


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          Completely off-topic, but couldn't resist!!
          This was in front of me on the motorway this morning....
          Maybe an RS6 or something?



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            Started the tare-down on the A4 this morning.
            Got most of the engine bay stripped out.

            Decided not to pursue the A/C avenue - Sooooooo much work and the NZ summers doesn't get hot enough that it is essential.

            Anyway, the first dry-fit of the AEB done.
            Measuring for the engine mounts, brackets, clips and anything that needs to be welded on or drilled into engine bay.

            Stock B5 radiator fits beautifully in the hole won't be too much of a drama to make nice brackets to hold it in place.

            Couple photos:



            Once the dry-fit is sorted out, I'm starting the chassis wiring.
            I'll post more accurate photos when I start the wiring loom layout, engine and gearbox recon and final fitout.


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              A4 stripped down to nothing.

              Couldn't help myself - test-fit of the A4 dash - minor mods and it'll go in
              Extensive mods will be needed on the frame though.
              Center console matches up quite nicely with the gear selector.




              During the week I'll lay out the wiring loom and mark out what I don't need going from 4-door to 2-door.

              Thinking I can use one of the rear window circuits to drive the sunroof..... will do dummy-up to confirm. easy enough to wire in an aux circuit if concept doesn't pan out.

              Found couple issues in the A4 though!
              Some animal decided it was too hard to fix the ABS....
              what they ended up doing, probably took more effort than just fixing it anyway!!
              They wired in a Diesel glow-plug timer to mimic the ABS check-light in the dash, and unplugged all the wheel-speed sensors from the circuit. Fortunately I have enough parts lying round to sort out the issue!!


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                Sounds like a cowboy had been messing with the abs. A4 dash fits quite nicely. What is it like for running ducts etc behind the dash?

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                '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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                  Originally posted by Greg_S View Post
                  Sounds like a cowboy had been messing with the abs. A4 dash fits quite nicely. What is it like for running ducts etc behind the dash?
                  Initial measurements show that once the factory dash frame is removed (in favor of the B5 bolt-in frame) that I would be able to use most of the ducting with minor or few mods.
                  I will definitely be posting a lot of photos of this!!


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                    So the happy happy time of chassis wiring has started.
                    I'm nearly at a point where the 4-door loom is a functioning 2-door loom with most excess wiring removed.
                    I am running the r/rear door wiring into the roof to drive the sunroof.

                    Once I start installing the wiring I'll add better photos - currently it's just !!BORING!! but an absolutely necessary job.

                    Anyhoooooo - Couple photos, even captured one of my diligent helper








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                      A bit more progress.

                      Doesn't matter how many times you do an underbody, it still sux!





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                        Wiring is now mostly prepped.

                        Loom has been sectioned for the 2 Door conversion with the right rear loom to go up the b-pillar to drive the sunroof.
                        Original B5 A4 courtesy light circuit is retained front and rear.

                        I'll post some photos of the results, rather than the dozens of hours to get it in shape

                        I do however need some help to track down some parts......
                        5-stud conversion kit.

                        Really struggling to find anything locally.
                        I'm doing some searching on what combinations of hubs, wheelbearings, CV's to use, but any help would be appreciated.


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                          So, sometimes good ideas turn into terrible ideas!

                          I got my hands on a 2011 Audi S5 v6t - 39000km on clock!!
                          APR ultracharger kit with Stage 2 tune and pulley kit.

                          I'll update post next week again - but without going too deep into it, I might have changed the drivetrain specs for the coupe a wee bit. Going CAKA with a 0B5 trans.

                          Losing a lot of time on the prep I've done so far, but couldn't resist.
                          Photos to follow.
                          Trans tunnel will need some mods and additional space will be needed for the extra two radiators, but SNOWBALL away!!!!