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Finally my Coupe Quattro build underway!

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  • Finally my Coupe Quattro build underway!

    I'm finally getting my Coupe Quattro build underway,
    I bought the car in quite a poor state and can't wait to get her back on the road.
    1989 Coupe Quattro

    Not sure on engine choice yet.......
    Priced up an AAN from the US (complete with ECU) but.... $$$$ for something that has to be completely rebuilt.

    The 20vt motors are a bit rare in NZ.

    I do have an old KG lump out of a 200 lying round, but would ideally want to convert to EFi - which, all things considered, isn't really money well spent..........

    Anyway, here are a few photos of day 1 progress.
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    More Photos

    60 liters of water !!!
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      I know coupes can leak. You would have thought it was a cabrio with a missing roof. Is it rainy season there in NZ???


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        Even more photos

        So, the depressing work of pulling out all the interior and wiring is nearly done after one day.
        There's a lot of prep work left - the next two weeks will be filled up with tedious stripping down.
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          We had massive flooding couple weeks ago.
          Will be doing my absolute best to try limit this sort of result for the future!


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            Welcome to many years of tinkering and trying to perfect these cars. Good looking workshop by the way. Are you North or South Island?


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              Originally posted by Monkeymagic View Post
              Welcome to many years of tinkering and trying to perfect these cars. Good looking workshop by the way. Are you North or South Island?
              I'm in North Island, Rural outside Auckland.
              Yes, have a 12meterx12meter shed.

              The DK is sitting on the ground next to the black coupe, the new chassis currently at powder coaters.

              The blue coupe in front is my 1991 FWD coupe. - she's quite tidy.

              My previous car was a 1983 urq that got crushed in the Christchurch EQ.


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                I bet you were gutted about the UR, hopefully that was the only affect the earthquake had on you. I have never been to the North but spent a couple of weeks on the South Island. It was so refreshing to go somewhere that man has not ruined by over populating and building everywhere. AKA England...


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                  Got a little more done yesterday.
                  Cleanup up the engine bay a bit.

                  If only the rest of the car was as well built as the ABS/Battery bracket !!!

                  Engine bay 1.jpg
                  Took longer than expected!!

                  Engine bay2.jpg
                  So now the engine bay has a protective coating, ready for final prep, smooth and paint.... (post engine trial fit, of course)
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                    So decision on drivetrain has been made....... right or wrong....

                    I bought a pretty good condition (150 000 kms on clock) B5 A4 1.8t Quattro 5 spd as a parts donor.

                    The B5 will be relieved of quite a few parts, and it's sacrifice will resurrect my coupe
                    I know some of you will push back on this, but I've decided on the "Resto-Mod" approach.

                    The major parts the donor will supply:
                    1. Engine
                    2. Engine management
                    3. Chassis Electrics
                    4. Dash, and associated electrics and hardware.
                    5. ABS

                    I'm sure I'll add to this list as the project evolves.

                    Interior stripped.jpg
                    .... Added additional photo of the current state of the coupe's interior.


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                        always nice when everything is clean
                        audi coupe quattro b2 2.2 20vt project (573hp-626nm)
                        TWINCHARGED power,zero lag
                        AEM W/M injection


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                          I also will be going the1.8t route as the other 20v is very expensive here, should be interesting I'll watch for info


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                            If you have any questions regarding 1.8t swap, post them up, I'll be glad to help.


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                              I'd be interested in 1.8t swap info too please