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Left hand side clear indicator for S2

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  • Left hand side clear indicator for S2

    Hi all. My car got damaged in work carpark yesterday the lucky thing is that only the indicator got smashed, no damage to bumper, headlamp or bodywork. Phew!

    My car has the seima brand clear indicators and i would like a direct swap if possible as they fit well, ive tried another chinese aftermarket brand and it very quickly got sent back as fit was awful.

    ​​​​​​​Id really appreciate the opportunity to buy seima if possible but happy to hear about other brands of they fit ok as well.

    Thankyou IMG_20230308_081513.jpg

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    You got off lightly there Steve I hope the driver made himself known to you.
    Siema are the OEM.
    You can still buy these from Tradition if you're stuck. Here's the link :


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      I have some. I will check condition.
      Nothelle S2 Avant
      Wr Ur Quattro in restoration


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        Thanks both for your replies.

        Definitely got away lightly and thankfully the other driver did the decent thing and we have spoken. I don't think there will be any issues with getting payment.

        I hadn't even considered tradition as all of my memories of that company are reading about how poor they are and how awkward their ordering process is. 40 euros is not bad really especially as there is one currently on ebay for £100 - makes it seem a little optimistic!

        Tractor Dave - ive been offered a new pair for reasonable but now ive seen the tradition link; a bit too much money. I will hold off sealing that deal to see what you have in your stock.

        Thanks again


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          I have found two. One is good but not oe. The other is oe but has some cracks around the screw hole
          Nothelle S2 Avant
          Wr Ur Quattro in restoration


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            I've got genuine one , PM me if you still need it


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              Hi Rob. Pm sent.


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                Thanks to everyone who has been in touch after my appeal - all sorted now thanks to the power of this forum.

                The good news is, i managed to navigate the snow without further attacks from other cars so im going to celebrate with a wash over the weekend... The car, not me