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Vems Audi aan, need help!

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  • Vems Audi aan, need help!

    Vems pnp aan s4, Hello, need help, when i push gas pedal down, i Get trigger error,, Edit that, every 3 sec… now it says less sec trigger where I marked with red, no errors are saved, i use orginal triggers, what could it be? also turbo gets very hot .. (red), big problem, can not use the Car… if anyone has a map and share had it helpful, maybe I have overlooked something,

    i use Brand new inovate lc-2 wideband, lamda ok on vems and this..

    setup for the Car is 500cc injector/577cc on 4 bar, furans intake, rs2/t3 manifold, h-rods rosten performance, sputter bearing, ported head, 7a exhaust cam, 7a flywheel lighter/milled, its flat like normal flywheel, garret T04e ar70 intake, ar 65ex house, 3" exhaust all way, 3" intercooler and pipes, 044 fuelpump, r8 coils

    will be very happy for help?
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      This turbo/manifold get red when i only idle.. and drive, cant drive it.. but i think i hear turbo spool more than before, timing on cranck/cam is okey(i think) perfect on marks on cams and cam outside wheel and cranck, but is 7a and aan camsprocket and cam wheel on same place?, no failure on motronic about timing and not hot… but not run great(many codes on lamda). my timing is ok in vems, have used that before no problem, need som vems guru here or something ?
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        Man må vel koble om org triggerene når man ska bruke vems .


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          Tenkte du på g28?


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            Du hadde helt rett, litt rart for på min 92 modell er det ikke omgjort