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    Originally posted by Tom_ View Post
    Hi guys, did someone used this solution (030103171L and 030906433Q) on stroker (diesel aat block) engine? I want to bude sure if 100% fits.

    The RMS housing is the same for the petrol and TDi engines, so if it works on the petrol it will work on the AAT too
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      Thanks lot Andy
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        You can also try this solution. Then you got easy accsess to your Main trigger and no need for pulling the gearbox. Thuppu delieveres the trigger wheels for welding on.

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          60-2 gear at the flywheel you still have access to the trigger sensor.
          Frontside could make trouble with the damper or when the belt got damage - additional sometimes less space to make a nice "OEM like" solution.
          Gearbox is much nicer but it's my opinion only


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            Ive got the gearbox trigger wheel solution... So will see, but i think that both are good solutions...the first one with less fabrications...only one hole drill.
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              Originally posted by blackS2 View Post

              How about wiring this to M55 VEMS?
              60-2 from VW replaces Primary Trigger Sensor wiring vom 135 system?

              M55 pin 49 for 60-2 signal
              M55 pin 48 für 60-2 ground

              (these two pins are the pins from the grey connector?
              M55 pin 12 for 60-2 power supply +5V (from camshaft hall sensor power supply)??


              ps black connector from 135 left disconnected for 60-2
              Can someone confirm this wiring correct?


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                I use same custom trigger wheel. Thanks for Thuppu (Y) works nomaly, but i installed it forward.

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                  Can anyone review there experiences with this press on trigger wheel now that this discussion started more than 10 years ago.

                  Did you weld it or not?
                  How long have you been using it for?
                  Is this still a good option considering today's technology?

                  1996 Audi UrS6