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  • Speedo probs

    Having found myself with some spare time I have removed my Speedo binnacle as the Speedo and odometer had packed up a while ago. I just wondered if all the connectors need to be plugged into the back of the unit? I bell'd the circuit and replaced the VSS in the gearbox but still nothing. As I've been a little lazy I thought I would just need to connect the blue plug into the back and I could spin the wheel to get a result. Do I need to fit them all to power the unit up?

    Cheers for any tips

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    It's probably the long pins that connect the main circuit through board to the daughter boards, the solder joints fail and need to be resoldered.

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      Cheers for that Newsh, I have been reading various posts about this and I was more hoping it was a dodgy pin (similar to your issue a while back) and just needed a connector swap and not cracking open the Speedo
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        Just a thought, is it the joint that fails or the wire in the joint? I was thinking if it's worth updating the wires.....anyone know what gauge wire is used??
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          It's the solder joint that go dry, it isn't wire it's connector pins as John described. There's no need to replace these. HTH.


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            A dodgy pin you can test pretty quickly. I'm having issues with my speedo and tach after pulling the needles for Guage face swap. The pain has been ongoing having sourced a spare cluster and still having issues.

            You can use an ohm meter to test the board traces from the pin outs to the speedo and tach (as well as fuel and temp).


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              Cheers for the help guys.....
              its one of those "swap out (wires) whilst the cluster is open" hoping I don't have to go back in!!!!