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Need ABY wastegate it´s not sealing with the EM.

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  • Need ABY wastegate it´s not sealing with the EM.

    Hi All,

    As per title my wastegate isn´t sealing properly with the exaust manifold letting pressure pass by, it´s ok where it meets the EM but the gate isn´t sealing and is wasting boost, everything else is ok, the menbrane is ok also.

    Is there any way to repair it?

    Anyone as a wastegate he is willing to sell?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Both faces must be flat and smooth - if you have chips or scratches or corrosion you will need to machine it. (Wastegate and/or manifold).
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      Thank you for the reply, I haven´t taken it out yet but it looks like I have some play sideways in the shaft and I´m guessing the gate is worn a bit I was wondering if it had some kind of seal or ring like the ones in pistons!


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        The valve shaft wears over time. You could look at placing a bush in the body and machining it to accommodate the valve shaft. Probably easier to find a good condition replacement
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          Thank you!
          I´m already looking for a replacement so I can have mine fixed!


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            Found a relacement but it to had shaft play so had that one refurbished and than swaped the wg and voilá the boost is back.............let´s see how long it lasts as the shaft was ok and wasn´t touched but had the body machined and a new sleev fitted!

            Noticed that the boost comes more agressively now, I think that the wg as it wears out and doesn´t seal correctly, the car can still compensate and reach maximum boost but takes longer till it can´t compensate no longer and the car can´t boost and it as to be fixed!

            Happy so far!