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  • 7a aftermarket ecu

    Hi guy so I am building a 7a turbo and one of the main problems I am going to have is the stock ecu I want to upgrade it to an aftermarket one but I can’t find anything to connect my loom to the ecu I want to use my standard loom and not make my own or switch it for an s2 one.
    I have found a company on ebay that sale a aftermarket ecu and a jumper cable to go form the s2 loom to the new ecu I am looking for something like this or at lest a 7a to s2 loom adapter so I could use that kit I didn’t know what you guys have done or if there is some one that dose/can make up a loom for the new ecu?
    If all else fails I will need to get a cheep 7a ecu or ecu connecter (if one exists) and build my own. So if anyone has one or a dead ecu and a ecu pin out it would really help.
    The car is a 1990 coupe quattro with the first style 2 connecter ecu
    Thanks for any help you can give.