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Boost cut after fitting TFSI coils?

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  • Boost cut after fitting TFSI coils?

    1996 S6 AAN, usual RS2 goodies and a screamer

    Been running the RS2 setup for a year with no worries, I just fit a 7a cover and TFSI coils recently and now on full chat you can hear the screamer go from loud to extremely loud for a second and then it cuts boost from 1.8bar to 1.1 and dumps everything out of the wastegate until you switch off and on again.

    Now I've had this before on a previous AAN motor but it only seemed to hit the boost cut in first and occasionally second gear, not sure why the current setup has started doing it when the only thing I've changed is the coils?

    Unless it could be related to the breather setup on the 7a cover?


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    Most likely a boost leak somewhere with those sorts of symptoms. Check the throttle body hose as a potential candidate.
    Greg Administrator & Webmaster

    '93 Coupe with a few tweeks


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      Interesting, the only thing I've touched is the breather on the back of the rocker that goes to the inlet, I'll start there! Ta!


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        There was a split breather hose but still no joy, still does it, fine again if I flick the key then cuts again as soon as I hit 1.8bar...


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          Try check all your vacuum hoses, if the ecu finds a bad or unstable vacuum signal then it will cut boost.
          1996 S2 ABY Silver


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            Boost leaks are a nightmare, sometimes you find them in the strangest places, do a search on here there is loads of threads


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              I agree I've had leaks in places you wouldn't expect,one from the back of the isv and one from the TPS sensor...a proper boost leak test and a can of plumbers gas leak detector are a must.
              with these cars I reckon a leak test should be done with every oil change
              It's a love/hate relationship with the S2,i love it,it hates me