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  • Engine mounts ABY

    What engine mounts are people using? Any recommendations? Not solid please.
    The ones on the Coupe are dead
    Nothelle S2 Avant
    Wr Ur Quattro in restoration
    S2 Coupe getting a tidy up

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    I have the old bambridge ones from Kevin and they seem fine years later, not harsh at all. Sure there are other great alternatives.
    1996 S2 ABY Silver


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      I'm following this closely. 034 only do their track density mounts which are too harsh for day to day usage. Verkline's street density mounts seem to have mixed reviews. Good luck finding any Bambridge mounts! I think OEM are available for one side! Lemforder are NLA. All other after-market are generally junk...

      At the moment I'm leaning towards Verkline although I'm not completely set on this and would prefer a decent alternative.

      Unless I've missed anything?!