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Love this forum! New 3071 build. Help with timing and VE table?

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  • Love this forum! New 3071 build. Help with timing and VE table?

    I've been digging into the all the content here. Amazing stuff and answering a lot of my questions already. I just wrapped up the timing chain fix on my B7 S4 and I can finally work on my new URS6!

    The car already has the brakes, suspension, and exhaust upgraded and now I'm building out the AAN. Details of the build can be found here. I'm going with a Gen2 3071R and related upgrades. I'm also running a 7A ex cam, upgraded valve springs, and supertech valves...looking to be able to rev comfortably to 8k. I'd love to hit 400whp on gas, but that might be pushing it. I'll also run E85. I'm open to any feedback on the build!

    If possible, I'd really appreciate some help with a starting point for VE, timing, and boost tables. My plan is to run the ECU with the K24 that's in there now while I wait for the engine rebuild parts. So, any help with tables for both the K24 and the 3071 would be amazing...but I'm guessing only the 3071 table would be out there. Also, any help with the settings for the knock sensors?

    I've tuned Holly systems on NA engines, but this is my first ECU Master and turbo setup. I WILL be using audio knock detection and taking it slow! Also, I'll finish the tune on the local dyno.

    Link to build:
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