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K24 7400 (Volvo S60/70R turbo) Oil problems.

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  • K24 7400 (Volvo S60/70R turbo) Oil problems.

    Who is running the K24 7400 turbo, what are you using for oil feed? It should be different from stock, so i'm wondering what exactly. It will bolt on to the standard flange, but it wont clear the cold side.

    Long story short: My turbo lasts between rebuilds less than an oilchange, so it's a bit annoying. The turbo has been rebuilt 2 times now, results are the same, in less than 5kkm it starts smoking and has longitudinal shaft play. I'm guessing the CHRA is toast so next rebuild will not help. The turbo is modified to 1/8NPT thread on oil feed, so i have custom line with the thread in the end, i think it should be fine, but i'm not sure anymore.

    What i would like to know is if the oil feed on Volvo is different than Audi standard or is it basically the same (just feed line, no restrictor in it). Also anyone who is running the turbo successfully what oil feed are you using? During one rebuld i had stock K24 7000 with stock oil feed on my car, it didnt smoke or develop shaft play on mine, so it would indicate that the oil feed from the block is good enough.

    I have a replacement K24 7400 to swap in the car, but i dont want to kill that turbo also if the problem is in the oil feed and not in the current turbo.

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    i do, with stock lines

    however the oil filter hosing between the 3b and aan (idk the rest) is different, has different angle. I have 3b, couldnt install it on aan


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      You have no issues with reliability of the turbo?


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        i got fairly low mileages turbo (didnt have any shaft play) and so far so good.


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          I too fitted the volvo turbo, the OEM lines work well, the housing can be rotated to help with clearance.


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            I will then just check that the 1/8NPT to KKK adapter has the same output diameter as the stock line. It should be close enough to eliminate the oil feed as the fatal variable when fitting the new turbo.

            Thanks for the feedback


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              zoig, I had exactly same issues as you got. I toasted two turbos within few hundred miles. after fitting to standard k24 problem was gone.( however I swapped for thinner oil and put a washer on oil temp sensor to lift oil pressure)
              yesterday I fitted very low mileage k24 7400 again. no smoke whatsoever at the moment. for oil feed this time I went an4 fittings and braided hose, had enough struggling with oem oil feed.
              I am wondering same as you, is there a different oil feed, or return system on Volvos? restrictor? different oil pressure? how many miles people actually done with this turbo??
              I thought I am on my own with this problem


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                I have used Motul 5w40 for years, that should be perfect all year round oil, at least so far it has worked fine. My luck so far is around 5kkm with the turbo before failure. Once it started leaking in the cold side, once into the hot side. For around 5kkm i had stock K24 installed between rebuilds, this developed no problems for the turbo.

                That would be good to know what oiling is used on the volvo block, pressure, feed line, return.