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  • Laser Red Paint Options

    Hi, I am getting ready to finish off a chassis resto and was wondering if anyone had a source for laser red paint (LY3H)
    I would prefer something I can brush on as I don't want to spray in my home garage or mask off the whole car.
    Will be painted over Upol Gravitex so needs to be compatible with that.

    Not bothered if it isn't a 100% colour match, near enough would do for the chassis, as I can't find a perfect match RAL number

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    Best off going to to your local automotive paint supplier give them the colour code and ask just for it in "Base" 1/2 litre would do as depending on the paint you will need the thin it 50/50 with thinners (Best read the TDS of the paint). I would go over it in a 2K clear. I've brushed base and 2K under arches before and although you can see the brush marks it's not that bad. If your brushing base and 2K then best wear a hat eye protection and a mask 2K is nasty stuff . I forgot the hat one time and trying to get clearcoat out your hair is a nightmare.


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      I had 2K PPG mixed to Laser red by a local paint supplier. They can typically mix paint and supply in an aerosol or you could see if you can get hold of a brush on formula. We did find there were two shades for this paint on the PPG system.
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