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Squeaky blower motor.

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    I had a look from the scuttle panel side today, and from there it was pretty obvious what was happening. The impeller was catching on the end of its housing, hence why it hasn't made a noise since I've been driving round with it undone. Everytime I pushed the whole lot from the inside (as if it was screwed in again) it made that noise, so it appears that the impeller had slid down the shaft it sits on somehow and was catching on the end. My dad tried to push it back up the shaft but he said it didn't move, but it doesn't make that squeaking noise now, even screwed in.

    Fingers crossed!

    '93 Brilliant Blue Audi S2 Avant - Broken again.
    '98 Tahiti Blue Rover 216SE Coupe
    '96 Arktiksilber Metallic BMW 525td (E34)
    '01 Dark Green Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.1LTD
    '97 Polar White Vauxhall Vectra 2.0Di LS
    '96 Alpine White Peugeot 306 XLDt


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      If it happens again, I suggest you install your dad in the footwell permanently


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        old post but same problem ...

        Have a 93 'S2 Avant that has been visited by a mouse (or more) ...

        It/they had gnawed their way through the pollen filter and built a nest inside the fan housing.
        Took out the remnants of the filter and vacuumed from the outside but there are still remnants of the nest further inside the system.

        Have tried to take out the fan motor to get the rest out, but it's not just easy ...
        Has twisted and turned in all directions without success

        Anyone have any good advice for getting the fan out (w/o dismantling the whole dash ...) ?


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          Figured at last out how to get it out
          Remove two bolts at the door that holds the dash, then the dash can be retracted as much as needed to pry out the fan.
          In my car it was mounted a fan from a 96 'Passat, Dunno if this has the same dimensions as the original.


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            Yep, identical fan