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3inch down pipe

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  • 3inch down pipe

    I have a leak on my 3inch down pipe near the flex . The pipe is not ss , it is one I bought from s2 bo many years ago , I think it was from a group buy.
    assuming it cannot be repaired where could I get a new one.

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    It should be easy to weld whether it's stainless or not. If the flexi is broken you can replace it. The rest should just weld up and may require a bit of additional bracing to help prevent it happening again. Certainly cheaper than replacing the whole item.
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      As Steve say if it's metal it can be repaired easily enough, welding steel is easy. Whether or not you need to remove the down pipe to do it depends where it's leaking from but it should be straight forward enough. Is it leaking from the flange or behind it?

      Oh yeah and no joy on the C4 door trims I'm afraid, I did check for you but it seems all the old ones are starting to split from internal rust, you can get a complete new set from a couple of sellers on eBay who are based in eastern Europe, not sure of the quality though but their not expensive. I was going to get a set for my C4 100 but it's not high on my list of priority's ATM.
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        Thanks for the reply’s. The car is at the garage still but, I think it’s leaking just in front of the flex, which was replaced a few years ago . Hopefully it can be repaired as you say , fingers crossed . Kit thanks for looking for the c4 door strips , much appreciated.