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    Originally posted by Acki View Post

    The SSP says a constant signal will cause a short to ground and the signal will be ignored - I would guess it's a ground signal during the shift operation.
    At the moment I drive a S6 V8 automatic, I can change my datalogger (Innovate 4 Channel) and log the automatic transmission signals :-)

    I think next week I will remove my ECU back to my desktop and then I will solder the wires to the TCM communication.
    I can log several driving situations and send you the logfile.

    At the moment I'm playing with the idea to check if it's possible to give the V8 motronic 4 ignition outputs to run wasted spark :-)
    But for this I must understand much more of the code... unfortunatly ;-)

    I can say that the V8 manual ECM can be made to a V8 automatic incl IMMO. There is no hardware difference, everything works.
    You can also drive manual bin file but shift operation is very hard, so a signal for the TCM is missing.
    I will also try this to understand better.

    Can somebody tell something about the DTC classes?

    you could also look at the early 3.6 V8 binary files, those engines where waste spark. their code is extremely similar to 3B 20V code. if you want PT 3.6 V8 BIN files let my know, i'll send you all the ones i have.
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      Originally posted by View Post
      When I found this thread, I felt compelled to reply with sincere thanks to PRJ for sharing this stuff - what a great way to start the year. I have promised myself to spend more time here this year. I missed the whole of 2017 for one reason or another so I have already exceeded last years contribution of zero posts. Anyway - this is a brilliant initiative from the forums most expert I5T tuner.
      Hi Paul

      Ok, It's too many questions to answer everything in detail, so I will just pick out some things... I've been on vacation for 2 weeks and a lot of things to catch up to.

      1. 0-1V feed into Motronic - it should be OK, because (I have to check) I think prjmod binary has the Lambda reading delay patch in it. Meaning i hardcoded a delay from start for which lambda is not used regardless of what the ECU thinks about the status. It monitors the lambda behavior and when it heats up, starts using it instantly, but for a simulated 0-1V input usually it stays at a fixed value while the wbo2 is heating, and it's not the fixed value the ECU expects, so it instantly thinks signal is good and you get 25% fuel trim etc. That is what my patch solves. I will take a look at it when I can.
      2. DTC classes - my IDB has the SET_DTC function defined, I will upload the IDB's to github.
      3. Tunerpro logging - that is all good and well, but I only used it for maptracing. WinLog is much more powerful both in the dashboard you can create as well as in the analysis of the logs through WinLogView, especially with the matrix style display. But feel free to update the ADX file with euro style units and we can merge it. Once again, I urge to do it the correct way -> Github, create branch, commit, pull request. So I can easily view what was changed and if the request is denied for any reason provide a concrete explanation why right there on the lines...
      4. TCU communication - I have no idea about this, but what I can tell you is there is no physical difference between manual and auto. There is a manual/auto switch in the cal area. I can try to find it again, and you can use prjmod on your automatic car without loss of functionality. Some maps will need to be defined though, as there is a bunch of map switching going on in idle code depending on S_FS and so on. -


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        Closing this thread to prevent it from becoming an unsearchable megathread. All relevant posts have been moved/copied to their respective threads. -