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Rear wheel alignment with spacers and 18” wheels

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  • Rear wheel alignment with spacers and 18” wheels

    I have just replaced the rear subframe on my coupe and need to reset the cast and camber .
    my question is will it be any different with 18” wheels and 15mm spacers .

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    The wheel angle will be the same, it'll just stick out more.
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      Is there a process / description of how to set the position of the subframe? I'm wondering as both my subframes have been off for paint and despite having alignment done afterwards it has never seemed quite like it did before despite being in the green on the printout. I may take them off again in the near future and wouldn't mind getting to a good start point for the alignment people to take over from. I don't think the service includes moving subframe or even knowledge about the fact it moves in the first place


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        Good question.I think I experienced the same problem.After taking subframes off it now don't feel the same


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          One of the subframe mounts is fixed and the other 3 are floating so adjustable. All the alignment places I've been too havn't wanted to touch the subframe but I've definitely read somewhere that they can be set correctly, details must be on the forum somewhere.
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            Here it is:


            Originally posted by recurveandy View Post
            When I did mine some years back, I was given the following advice

            "When all 4 subframe bolts are undone and the pressure on the antiroll bar is taken off, also undo/slacken the gearbox mount or mounts in case of quattro and support + disconect both ball joints to the hubs.

            Then... if you were sat on the floor in front of the car holding the subframe with both hands, you need to pull the subframe forward with your right hand and push back with your left hand untill it hits the max/stops.

            Basicly for the camber on our roads the near side wheel has to be ahead of the offside, they are not exactly aligned.
            So many people assume that tracking is responsible for pulling to the left, this is 99.9% not always the case."

            After having the alignment done, the car ran perfectly until the day it died


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              Score! Thanks for digging that out, that was the kind of info I was looking for. It sounds like the fewer things connected to the subframe the better. Makes sense as they are heavy things and with gearbox connected it is even less likely to.move. I shall be doing the rear as well so will follow same advice but will need longer arms to get hold of it while sat in front of car


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                If you really want to get it right tie a piece of string with weights onto each of the a-arm mounting holes, then draw a line on the ground intersecting them and see if they are parallel to the center line of the car. ..or just eyeball it.
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