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  • Suspension upgrade

    Looking for new suspension to replace the stock ones!

    Use; sporty road use, sometimes roads with sand and light gravel, maybe in the future trackdays!

    Thinking on;

    Rollvar with struts from a model after 1990

    Bilstein B6

    Original springs or springs from GKR (progressive springs by Giant Killer Racing) or replacing springs from Bilstein.

    Any tips? Don’t way a stiff suspension but a good handling in combination with some comfort on bad roads.
    -1989 Audi Coupé 2017-...
    -1986 Audi 90 2.2 2014-2017 Daily classic
    -1993 Audi 80 1.9TDI |recycling OEM parts| 2013-2014
    -1990 Audi 90 2.3 USA 2012-2013

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    It is for a Audi 90 2.0 5cylinder fwd b3
    -1989 Audi Coupé 2017-...
    -1986 Audi 90 2.2 2014-2017 Daily classic
    -1993 Audi 80 1.9TDI |recycling OEM parts| 2013-2014
    -1990 Audi 90 2.3 USA 2012-2013


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      I think a car like this can be tremendous fun. Car is 120kg lighter than its sister quattro! My approach outline would briefly include (and note this is perhaps not in the best order of execution) as follows:


      - De-code the factory trunk sticker - determine what suspension version you have for example (1BA: normal, 1BE: sport);

      - Determine if / how 20V FWD suspension is different from yours;

      - Wasn't there a factory 20V Sport version of the FWD model?

      - What front brakes do you have on the car?
      See G60 Upgrade for the 90Q20V at:

      - Determine what diameter dampers your current struts will allow (nominally, these are either a) 50 or b) 55mm diameter);

      - Consider B6 Bilstiens for your FWD, I've seen these on a B4 FWD sedan, (so perhaps they also exist for B3's?);

      - Consider upgrading to 20V front struts; & springs, 20V A/R bars and its' old-style linkages ; and perhaps brakes; &

      - Consider upgrading to forged front A-arms;

      - STFA here on this forum for the "Bilstein into Macpherson strut install" thread.

      - Consider replacing the two transmission mounts;

      -Is there a complete cat-back edelstahl auspuff system for FWD B3 available? You got one, very good!


      - Used 20V front suspension's struts / springs; & brakes /or

      - Used forged front A-arms;

      - Poly bushes just for A/R bar(s?) and its' old style linkages; and sub-frame bushes only if necessary.



      - Ignition switch replacement with genuine VAG switch;
      This is just an inexpensive preventative maintenance item, after-market switches are often problematic and until you pull yours, you don't know what you've got; and its failure could strand you.

      - S2 steering wheel (you already got a nice replacement);

      - Scirocco shifter spherical swap;
      This is simply the replacement of the original gear-shift pivot with a VW item. The original's all break, car won't shift, parts are NLA from Audi, mod is a.k.a. billscatz1 short-shfter mod.

      - Factory 5-Spd shifter linkage's alloy-bodied flex-coupling bushings' upgrade (quattro's only) (5th photo below is peter's 4.2 on motorgeek).

      Chassis To Do List:

      - Re-do fuel-pump mounting plate rubber bushes (re-use stock rubber bushes, but with through-bolts instead, then the mounting plate can't fall off);

      - Re-hang the exhaust system with chain-filled hangers (VW P/N: 171 253 147G). 3rd Photo shows use on a B4, but 3 of them can be used on a B3q;

      - Link to use of M/B alternate chain-filled hanger:

      - V6 snub mount bracket mod;

      - Transmission mount replacement / possibly upgrade to All-Roads (4th photo below)?

      - Move battery to trunk (1st photo below is q20v's photo on motorgeek);

      - Transplant front suspension bits, doesn't have to be all at once and doesn't have to include every 20V item, but does require some fore-thought; perhaps take the time to clean-up the parts in pairs and just have fun making them look good prior;

      - Incorporate both the Arm-Stops and Strut-Stops mods (full disclosure, I make these mod parts) into the re-fit of your A-arms and front struts, along with strictly brand new Boge rubber bushes and particular brand new V6 Boge top-mounts;

      - Transplant front brake bits (and possibly the larger master cylinder if not already present?)

      I'll try to come back and perhaps edit this a bit later on,

      Audi B3 battery in trunk.pngVW chain-filled exhaust hanger.pngVW chain-filled exhaust hanger on B4.pngAudi All-Road Xmsn mounts.pngAudi B3 B4 factory alloy shift linkage joint.png
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        @ Lago Blue: interessting list of mods. Do you have more details?

        Thanks Timo


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          Lago Blue Thanks for the great list!

          The list i am planned to do

          -Adjustable Koni shocks (yellow)
          -Eibach pro-lit loweringsprings (from 80 cabrio, 20/20MM)
          -front struts with front swaybar from a model after 1990 with stabilisator bar links from swaybar to strut
          -new control arms
          -new topmounts
          -1989 Audi Coupé 2017-...
          -1986 Audi 90 2.2 2014-2017 Daily classic
          -1993 Audi 80 1.9TDI |recycling OEM parts| 2013-2014
          -1990 Audi 90 2.3 USA 2012-2013


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            Timo : Hi sir, I'll go back and add some info &/or links (the photo credit disappeared!) later this evening/tomorrow morning.

            Audi80/90ClubEurope : Sorry I didn't recognize your screen name when I wrote that list, nor realize that I'd read with interest about what you've been doing already, again nice work!

            - Lots of folks on this forum like those Koni's if you want/need to ask about settings; and certainly Eibach has a tremendous reputation; but if you found 20V FWD Sport struts complete, wouldn't you pretty much have everything you need (struts, sport springs, (bigger brakes maybe?). Oh that's right , you want the late A/R bar set-up, gotcha.

            - The later struts / plastic links and long armed bar do look fancy (I've got them on a V6 sedan), but I actually prefer the earlier 20V type struts / steel S-links (with poly bushes for the links) and the short-armed bar;

            - Regarding reinforcing A-arm bushings and top-mounts, I'll make links to the Arm and Strut-Stops in case they might interest you.

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              my Audi 90 subframe doesn't have the transmission mountpoints. Can I replace it with the V6 version or the Quattro version? Pics attached.

              Cheers Timo


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                I don't know Timo, but somebody here will. You would need to ask someone who has looked at doing this. Your aim is to utilize quattro tranny mounts? Can your tranny be adapted to fit those mounts?

                Is it as simple as because an even older car such as UrQ (photo attached) appears to have sub-frame mounted tranny mounts, that it may also be possible that your B3 90 FWD could to?

                How is the tranny braced on your chassis?

                Audi UrQ chassis invisible.png
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                  Timo; yes you can however you probably need to replace the subframe bushes, as the bolts are M10 instead of M12 on your B3.


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                    Audi80/90ClubEurope and


                    - Regarding reinforcing OEM A-arm bushings and top-mounts, here are links to Arm and Strut-Stops info in case they might interest you.

                    Link > "Arm-Stops"

                    Link > "Strut-Stops"