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Avant ABY rear suspension question

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  • Avant ABY rear suspension question

    Hy all,

    I´m going to change my shoc absorbers/dampers and the only ones I find for the rear don´t have the upper part that is used to fix it to the car, is the old one interchangeable?

    Can I unscrew it from the old one and screw it to the new ones?

    If so can a renew the rubber bushing in it and is there a part number for it as I can´t find anything in etka?

    Thank you.

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    23 views, no answers?

    Anyone knows something about this, please?


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      Yes, you can use your old mount and fit a new bump stop. It's all self explanatory when you pull it apart. However, beware of using Bilstein B6 as it has the wrong perch height and leaves the car sitting like a landrover. I believe Koni work fine. I did strip my shocks but the OE dampers were fine so I left them alone.
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        Thank you very much Dave.