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  • PolyPro

    Hello all, I wondered if anyone else had come across PolyPro in Ukraine. I just received top mounts from them for my Cq today. I was replacing my front springs, so had enquired about the mounts. Ordering was fairly painless (I didn’t order via their website but did send payment using PayPal) – I just had to prompt them for an update.

    You can also post them your old mounts to get a slightly cheaper price.
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    I like the look of them, a good compromise between solid alloy and stock. Will be in interesting to see how well they last, am guessing they're a fairly stiff compound?
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      They do have some flex - I'll compare when I remove the current ones.


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        I'd recommend you give the bare metal cups a coating of epoxy paint for some protection as per the OE Boge items. I'm intrigued to learn how well they hold up too.


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          Just a quick update. One quirk after installing these was that the circular metal cups (Audi call it a 'stop') rested on top of the wheel arch instead of floating above. I swapped to deeper VW alloy versions 1J0 412 319C (off a MK4 Golf although OE readily available). It's possible the mounts are taller than standard although it's not hugely noticeable if they are.


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            Please take a look at this post.


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              Thanks for letting me know. Mine are still quite close to the top of the wheel arch at the moment, but the mounts could settle in time. My other idea was using a couple of spacer washers on top of the slotted nut, but not quite enough threads are left exposed for the tall OEM M14 nut.