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What clutch are you running for 500-600 bhp

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  • What clutch are you running for 500-600 bhp

    Hi guys and gals,

    So i have done some research on clutches and cannot come to a definitive answer.
    My car i am building will be around 550bhp.

    i want is to be comfy to drive - the car will be driven on the roads occasionally tracked but rarely so mainly road driven and long road trips

    It would be lovely if you could all share your experiences with clutches for this power band to help me make my decision


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    I believe 707 pressure plate is what you need on standard clutch but if you launch it then you need a uprated clutch as well mine was a rs4 stg3+ Feramic clutch as a kit with a aluminium fw from o34 motorsports dan at Dna got me it as he ran same setup on his s2 coupe and few others back then.


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      Sachs SRE will be up to the job. Sintered friction plate if you want to drop it on launches or organic if you want better drivability in traffic.
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        Thanks guys, Yeah so i was recommend to get the SPEC stage 3 plus, what happens when you want launches and drivibility


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          I would Any time go Sachs. O er spec or s/b
          they tend to break
          if you want lc and drivability Then you either get a hard single discs or get your self a Sachs rcs200 or Tilton or cm Twin discs


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            Agree. Forget Spec or Southbend - absolute crap. Go with Sachs Race Engineering or go twin plate.
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              Sachs are always consistently good quality and those Tilton multi plate clutches are such good value. $550 USD for something that will hold 1000nm tq. Just have to machine your flywheel to suit


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                +1 for the Sachs race clutch. It is less progressive than a road clutch but very good, I am not running close to 500hp though

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                  Southbend organic had good drivability but didn't cope with any harder driving and mine ****ed itself with torque figures below the rated value after just a few k miles. They are a complete **** to deal with so you won't get anywhere if there is an issue.

                  I'd definitely go SRE.


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                    running 506 hp and 600 nm on a sachs clutch with organic center.. it is rated at what 550? dunno. but my lc i set to 1 bar and it held up so good that i broke a rear axel in half


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                      Sre clutch with sintered disk holds 525ft lb in my urs4. I felt it was a bit aggressive so it's now in my urq running fine. The urs4 now has a custom twin plate Kevlar clutch which is nice to drive on and holds the torque ok.

                      Torque kills clutch's not power.

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                        Had an organic before and it lasted all of around 2 years of very little driving and not too much abuse. WIth the new Sachs sinter plated, it is harder to drive and less progressive but launches are a blast with this thing on and they can take the abuse no end
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                          Yep so i have spoke to each and both Kits (organic/ sinter pad) is rated with 520NM, but they said he thinks the Sinter Pad should handle at least 600NM.

                          It didn't sound too promising, but i have just seen that s2dk is running it.

                          Yes i will be running about 600-670NM
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                            i use a 3b sre on my aby with 7a lightened wheel. holds up fine. pretty heavy on pedal but then so is factory

                            never an issue with it.


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                              yah mine have 0 slip at all. and did maybe 50 launches last year maybe more. the funny thing is. it can hold up if i use lc but if i launch it with out and 4-5 k rpm it has slipped 1 or 2 times.. dont know why that is though