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Is this ABY 6 speed gear linkage

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  • Is this ABY 6 speed gear linkage

    Can anyone confirm if this is a six speed gear linkage from an ABY car. The reason i ask is that i have been trying to fit it and when you are trying to select the gears, part of the gear likage hits the cover plate on the side of the gearbox (the cast cover where the drive shafts bolt up) and also on the gearbox mounts. My brother has checked his linkage and thinks the two attachments that slide onto the shafts on the gearbox are thicker so it pushes the whole likage out away from the gearbox more. Just wondering if this is off another six speed box.

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    Looks right to me mate from what i've seen recently

    edit - looks same as the one that was on the 6 speed in the cab that I removed.


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      It is the big cup part of the shaft (the bit that has the ball joint and rubber bellows) that is hitting the box. this bit needs to move out more away from the gearbox but once bolted on there is no adjustment for this.


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        looks right to me althought Terrybullwon was having issues with his linkage not fitting right recently too :scatch:
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          yeah, just looked at Terry's thread and he has a picture of his gearbox and linkage, and it does look the same. Its bound to be something simple that i'm just not seeing. Will have another look and see if i can get it to work.


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            Old post revive. I'm having real problems getting my 6 speed box and linkage to align/adjust. The linkage appears to be far too close to the box on it's way to the gear knob. Any ideas? Does the webbing that attaches to the top of the gearbox have any shims or does it sit straight on top of the box?
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