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  • 90cq

    Long time member, first post. I acquired a 1990 cq in 2014 (ive owned 2 B5 A4's) It was previously 3B swapped. My plan was to pull engine and go through the whole car at that time. I had got as far as puling engine (which had various oil/coolant leaks) and then life got in the way. The car sat in a garage idle since then and I've recently started working on her again. I have torn the engine down so far and started cleaning engine bay. Still not sure how far I want to take it. I have some rs2 parts (front bumper cover,hood, etc.) the car needs to be repainted eventually. The plan for now is to get engine back together and get the car driving again. Not sure if I should upgrade internals right now. Ill post pics of progress.
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    Hello and . Car look nice in the photos you posted. Good luck with your rebuild


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      Looks very nice
      Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
      Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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        Hello and welcome sir,

        Indeed, what a beautiful looking locale, workshop and project, very inspiring. What you said reminds me of the well-known song lyric -

        "Life is what happens to you,
        While you're busy making (-pause-) other plans,"

        ... which is of course from John Lennon's lyric to Beautiful Boy. I'd assumed it was his line originally, but read that (I had to look this up) it's likely a version of Allen Saunders' (American author & cartoonist whose works are familiar to many) similar phrase published in New York's Reader's Digest magazine (1957). The ever-so-brief musical pause heard in the song, which I've tried to illustrate in the lyric above, always reminds me that in pursuing excellence, what is not there is sometimes as important as what is. Today, in learning that Saunders' phrase was slightly tweaked by Lennon, proves the point that in vehicles of self-expression (in which I include old cars), we all might do with editors or at least a sounding board at times. This forum can be good for that. Like many here, it sounds as though this is for you, a long-sought and striven for endeavour.

        I'd just get it going well first too.
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          ^^ Nicely put Lago.

          Liking the fact the CQ still has the original wheels


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            Thanks all, Ive made some progress this week and today I even managed to ceramic coat and applied POR15 to some parts that I bead blasted. I also removed the pistons and started cleaning the block (it looks super ****** in pics because there is naval jelly applied). It's hard for me to stay wrenching after my day job (marine diesel tech) so most of the progress was made today, during the week I throw parts in the blast cabinet on lunch and after work. At this pace ill be done in about 10 years lol. I cant help it, super OCD and I want it to be perfect.
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