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    Thank you.

    I had my eye on this but I may have to work on the weekend.


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      Not being nosey but what do you think you can bid up to on that? and if you`re not now going because you`re working what do you think it might go for?

      If the right people are "in the room" and everything is genuine, and has history, with that car I think it will go for quite a good price, somewhere around the £40k mark..


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        £40k might be too much for me. They said it was stored as part of a collection and went to collect a Jag e type and Audi Quattro. They saw this one in his garage and he hadn't used it a few years.

        I'm not so sure if the seller actually knew what it was worth!


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          Obviously if it hasn't run for some years then that would have to be taken into account as it will need a thorough going over to re-commission and get it back on the road again, but that wouldn't cost the earth. Maybe some paint and body work as the bottom of the door cavers look "wavy" in the pictures, (they all do that) so they will need sorting and are now NLA. Brakes may be knackered if they've not been run for while, bushes might need sorting out. Head-lining dropping is another area the RS2`s (B4`s) seem to suffer with too, so lots of areas to look at on a car that's not been used for some time.