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Considering selling - Nothelle N300 Avant pic heavy

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  • Considering selling - Nothelle N300 Avant pic heavy

    I know it's not really appreciated to ask for values, but I'm finding it hard to judge even a general figure as to a value of this car so I'd appreciate the input from forum members.

    Long term forum member although I haven't been on here for awhile. I've owned the car for over ten years now, it's a 1993 Audi 80 S2 Avant Nothelle N300 version. Sold by Scotts in London as an original Nothelle model, it was the car featured in the Violkswagen Audi Magazine

    I'm not looking to sell because I need the money, the car stands me at nothing now, but due to personal issues I've no longer got the enthusiasm for it. It was or originally bought as a family car, it was used some days for commuting although I never racked up big mileage either as I'd cycle during the summer, it was cared and maintained for to the highest order by myself and stepfather who's a mechanic with his own business.

    Sadly a few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result the car has been unused in that time, I've lost interest and enthusiasm and have decided to concentrate on my motorcycles again (the collection having recently grown) having realigned my priorities, because you just never know when you may go. Unfortunately the car has been left, a reminder of the past I would rather see sold than have to put the effort in to get it back onto the road at the moment.

    I'm not interested in parting it out, or selling various bits off it - if it goes then it goes as a whole lot.

    So, to the car:

    Registered November 1993
    Audi S2 Avant
    Original Nothelle N300 edition
    Amethyst Pearl
    143,925 miles genuine
    Lots of service history and receipts from over the years
    Full RS2 Recaro interior, silver alcantara/black leather with fitted drivers seat cover. Slight wear on the drivers seat as you'd expect of it's age
    Genuine Audi mats front & rear
    Carbon fibre trim with blue weave
    Nothelle steering wheel
    Full Milltek Stainless exhaust system with removable de-cat pipe
    Roose Motorsport full silicone hose set
    RS2 MAF
    Mille Miglia RS1 Cup replicas
    RS2 replica rear wing (not fitted)
    Boost gauge (connected but not fully fitted see pics)
    Recently refurbished K24/26 hybrid turbo by AET with bigger thrust bearing
    JL Audi Microsub speaker in the boot wth Rubicon 255 Soundstream
    Nakamichi 6 disc head unit

    I did have a dynograph chart showing power at 340bhp from when I first bought it, but I cannot find this anymore, but it's well known they made more than the quoted 306 when new and several others on here have all had figures around the 340 mark with the same mods.

    The bad parts, the car was involved in a slow speed accident on my drive way - my now ex-missus left her car in gear and when she started one morning it then collided into mine at low speed. The front bumper was damaged and ripped the mounting points from the front wings, these have since developed rust coming through the paint work. After several months I was able to source these parts (in green - genuine S2 front bumper and front wings) which are currently in storage and will come with the car. As a result the car needs a respray, the lacquer has also peeled on the two rear quarter panels and in places on the sunroof. The rear bumper was scratched in the same incident as the car was pushed back into the gate which also cracked the offside rear tail light, a replacement was sourced but never fitted and will come with the car (see pic)

    The car also needs a new brake pressure actuator (aka 'the bomb') as the warning light shows. Brake pressure is fine as is the power steering so it must only be a slight drop in performance but enough to trigger the warning light. It did have a new one fitted several years ago but it seems this is a common problem with these cars (possibly even a better alternative these days?).

    As it's been stood the brake pads and maybe even brake discs may need replacing. Tyres are Avon ZZ3 from memory, but probably past their best now given duration on the car and their age. Cambelt will also need changing again due to the age but whilst the front will be off for new wings/bumper it would be an ideal time to do this.

    The car fires up without a problem, runs with no issues and drives great. Sadly as there's no MOT (expired 2014 or road tax) it is not road worthy.

    So, as a result of the split with my missus and then subsequent cancer diagnosis I just don't have the motivation to fix it up. I don't believe there's a lot needed, £3000 at most with around £2000 of that for a good respray - possibly cheaper if you're in that kind of industry/profession. But I don't want it sat there deteriorating when someone else could fix it up and have it back on the road as it should be.

    It's an awesome car and I'll be sad to see it go, spent a lot of time and money on what was once my dream car, but life changes and I've now got my dream bikes instead

    So, what do people think this is realistically worth? I'm expecting some ridiculous offers as well, so I'll say I'm not completely naive to this either but I am finding it hard to find a reasonable value as S2's whether they be Avant or Coupe seem to fluctuate so greatly in condition and price at the moment. I'm also not expecting top dollar for a car which I acknowledge needs work, so I've been honest with my assessment and what's required.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated to help get this car to a new owner, without feeling like I've been bent over in the process

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    Audi 80 S2 Nothelle N300 Avant, 1993, Amethyst Pearl VW/Audi Car Magazine article about this very car
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    It is very sad to hear your circumstances and that you are considering parting with your S2. The car has a great spec and would not take too much effort to bring it back to it's former glory. I am no expert, having not long joined the S2 owners club (another Nothelle Avant), but what you will get for your car depends on what someone is willing to pay. There are several S2's for sale around the 16k mark, but they have been on sale for some time and are not Nothelle spec. There is a recent thread here on values, and what is clear from that thread is that no one really knows what their cars are worth! Start high, and if your not desperate to sell, see what offers come in.
    The worst thing about rising S2 values is that it's taking the cars away for the reach of most true enthusiasts, and into the hands of investors!
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration


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      I think Dave is right about the values of S2 and not selling very fast and what people will pay. Although yours has a little more rarity I would think £8500 is a good starting point. As its going to need a little love also you will need transport to shift it I guess. This is only my thoughts hope it helps a little. Good luck with your decision. kindest regards lynn


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        As above, i'd start at 8.5k and go up from there. The interior is a plus point


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          This is my old car. I loved it.
          Is it still possibly for sale.


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            Hi, Ady, Just learning that car did exist, i didn't know about that version of the S2 by Nothelle.
            Also sad to ear your personal history, it's very touching.
            I had to sell my S2 Avant last year (job issue isn't to compare health issue), but i regret it, really as a fan of Audi quattro B4 and Estate sports car, that engine is just fabulous in this car!.
            It's a long time since you did not post, how are you and what about your car?