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Considering selling - Nothelle N300 Avant pic heavy

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  • Considering selling - Nothelle N300 Avant pic heavy

    Last edited by Key Walshe; 11th May 2020, 14:03.
    Audi 80 S2 Nothelle N300 Avant, 1993, Amethyst Pearl VW/Audi Car Magazine article about this very car
    Audi A6 Avant 2.5 TDi, 1995, Arctic Silver (now sold)
    BMW E36 325i Coupe, 1993, Diamond Black (now sold)
    VW Polo 1.0L 6N, 1998, Red (the missus' car)
    Aprilia Rs250 motorbike, 1998, Black (the weekend toy)

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    It is very sad to hear your circumstances and that you are considering parting with your S2. The car has a great spec and would not take too much effort to bring it back to it's former glory. I am no expert, having not long joined the S2 owners club (another Nothelle Avant), but what you will get for your car depends on what someone is willing to pay. There are several S2's for sale around the 16k mark, but they have been on sale for some time and are not Nothelle spec. There is a recent thread here on values, and what is clear from that thread is that no one really knows what their cars are worth! Start high, and if your not desperate to sell, see what offers come in.
    The worst thing about rising S2 values is that it's taking the cars away for the reach of most true enthusiasts, and into the hands of investors!
    Nothelle S2 Avant in restoration
    Wr Ur Quattro (also in restoration)


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      I think Dave is right about the values of S2 and not selling very fast and what people will pay. Although yours has a little more rarity I would think £8500 is a good starting point. As its going to need a little love also you will need transport to shift it I guess. This is only my thoughts hope it helps a little. Good luck with your decision. kindest regards lynn


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        As above, i'd start at 8.5k and go up from there. The interior is a plus point


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          This is my old car. I loved it.
          Is it still possibly for sale.


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            Hi, Ady, Just learning that car did exist, i didn't know about that version of the S2 by Nothelle.
            Also sad to ear your personal history, it's very touching.
            I had to sell my S2 Avant last year (job issue isn't to compare health issue), but i regret it, really as a fan of Audi quattro B4 and Estate sports car, that engine is just fabulous in this car!.
            It's a long time since you did not post, how are you and what about your car?