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  • Major help needed

    Hi guys..

    I bought a well known coupe here in the uk.

    it’s an Audi 80 fwd coupe with an s2 aby engine and mated to an auto box. Well needless to say I have broken the box and now I need help.

    I know nothing about these cars a member Peter has been helping me from the USA.

    I want to convert it to manual but keeping it fwd as it has air ride fitted and I don’t want to change this.

    I been told I need the 01a box but the only ones I can find at AWD can I still use this but only connect the front shafts like the golf boys do on the fwd r32 conversions?

    also anyone know anyone who can do this conversion for me?

    thank you

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    That sounds like a challenge. When you say 'well known' it may be well known on other VAG forums, but I don't think I've seen it on here before.
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      Hi mate, it’s won quite a few shows before I bought the car.


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        01A and 01E (5 speed and 6 speed) will both mate up with the ABY block. Not sure which option would be best for FWD option. Pete should be able to help you as he scrapped many a coupe and Avant over the years.
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        14 A6 Avant Black Edition


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          I think any 5cylinder non quattro box should mate onto it. From b3 model such as the 7a or ng. Why bother fitting a quattro box? Contact anyone breaking a 5 cyl b3 90 or coupe fwd and have the shafts, linkages, mounts and pedal box from it


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            Sal knows...
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