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  • Audi S2 Limo

    Hello All

    I have a an issue that i might need some help with.
    i want to change my steering wheel in my S2 Limo, but i need some guidance for that, the S2 is an 93 mod.
    and i have the original 4 spoke steering wheel with bag and small spline. have anyone done this change earlier? and is there any that have some papers or part number documents that i could follow and maybe some wiring diagram if needed.

    Regards Der Fantast

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    This is the long way.

    There is also a shorter way keeping most of the old column parts but the clockspring needs to be modified and you will need the newer type of covers.


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      Ooooh Thanx alot. That was realy nice to get my hands on This will be nice when done!! Thx Again.